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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
On March 10, South Korea's constitutional court had finally park geun-hye presidential impeachment, eight judges unanimously passed last December 9 to impeach the President of the 20th congress resolution. Park geun-hye, deprived of their functions and powers, the President of become South Korea's first impeachment of President in the history of constitutional government. Before the court, the latest polls show that south koreans landslide with about 77% support for park geun-hye to step down.

cosmetics factory processing plants, according to South Korea's former President, courtesy law understand park geun-hye several full five-year term, the state will provide and annual salary by President of annuity, memorial project funding support, guard service, office, gao gan ward, a private driver and three secretaries, etc. Removed as by the constitutional court as President, in addition to retain the 10 years longest guard service, other treatment will be written off.

in addition, the park will also lose his privileges enjoyed the prosecution of exemption by constitution, and to accept the prosecution investigation as a suspect. At the same time, park geun-hye five years may not be official. On March 6, South Korea close door alone the final investigation results on the group 6, decided that the President park geun-hye and close the door core suspect Cui Shunshi conspiring to take bribes from samsung group of 43 billion won ( About RMB 2. 5. 6 billion yuan) 。

alone, the group said park geun-hye support samsung products in 2015 merged with the first hair, samsung in order to Cui Shunshi and controlling cost of Mir and K sports consortium provide huge amounts of money. Alone the group also said Cui Shunshi repeatedly for park geun-hye arrangement & other; Aunt injection & throughout; ( In the door of syringes women popular term) Informal diagnosis and treatment, such as the blue house medical system actually in & other; Crash & throughout; State.

cosmetics factory processing factory also learned, according to South Korea's central election commission regulations, the next presidential election must be held within 60 days after the judgment day. On May 9, impeachment is sentenced after 60 days. On the first week of may have a small long holiday, so on May 9, is likely to be the President election day. Election day will be a temporary public holidays.

around the next President, South Korea Realmeter agency poll, released on March 9, the opposition Democratic Party together before the party leader, lead the popularity list in Yin for 10 weeks, and the acting President shamanism in secure second, zhong qing south DaoZhiShi AnXiZheng reside behind.

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