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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Lipstick gradually became the essentials of life, about the lipstick, membrane paper the thinner the better? Lipstick essence, the more the better? Lipstick has both the front and back of the card? Cosmetics factory lipstick plant found a lot of girls is a face of a question mark on these issues. Underneath, small make up your answer one by one to you.

the thinner film paper, with the more comfortable, high-grade, the more the lipstick on the skin, the better. But in fact it is really so?

drug inspection relevant expert introduction, according to city lipstick to make the last procedure of the paper is folded membrane into a certain amount of time and the sealing of immersion in essence, therefore, the essence of the absorption of thin film paper will is less than the thickness. Film thickness of lipstick can create a more solid when you apply is in facial ministry closed space, using the membrane paper thin lipstick effect better.
film paper has a measurement unit, called gram per square. At present more fire silk membrane, for example, abroad such as Japan, South Korea, silk membrane thickness of the paper in 80 - mostly Between 120 grams, and domestic use of the thin silk membrane paper, grams per square on 30 - Between 50 grams, that is to say, their film paper more thick, the thicker the lipstick of essence, the using effect in fact will be better.

lipstick essence, the more the better?

a lot of girls at the sight of some brand lipstick after take out the membrane paper, there are a lot of essence, have praised: this lipstick is really good, so many elite fluid, can also be used to wipe hand!
in fact, the essence, wipe their hands. But the real lipstick processing factory will according to the film paper can absorb the essence of weight to design the quantity of each piece needs to go into essence. You know, the most expensive part of the lipstick in essence! Essence is put, the more of the lipstick is worthless. Good lipstick, essence will only is a little bit a little bit more than the number of film paper can absorb, to ensure that the film paper has reached maximum capacity!

the lipstick have positive and negative?

usually print lipstick after soaking the lotion is no positive and negative. But there are some lipstick is wrapped in the plastic bead light, inside the hard plastic to fixed lipstick, convenient to apply, use the no plastic side apply on the face, after being spread lipstick, remember to take pieces of plastic. In addition, in the biological fiber material of lipstick will also have positive and negative points, lipstick so cosmetics factory processing plants to remind the girls must be very attention. Before apply lipstick, look at the packaging, general special mark on the packing layer.

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