Cosmetics factory, let blain hole, blain to imprint, go to hell! !

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Yu yi beautiful horse oil cream, using skin care & other gold component; The horse oil & throughout; , horse oil is rich in natural nutrition & ndash; — Vitamin E, oleic acid and linolenic acid (A Content: the cactus is equal to or greater than 50%) Hypodermic and adipose composition similar, and the human body, to restore the body's health and make the skin tender, so have very good light skin moisturizing effect. Horse oil the biggest characteristic is the dint strong, can quickly permeate skin interior, and form a invisible protective film, with the desalination pigment, relieve skin, repair damaged skin. Cosmetics factory processing plants according to our facial skin texture, grain and pore distribution characteristics, the size of the thickness and depth customization, with super micro grease filling technology with global precious plants the horse oil cream the penetration effect to the end.

5 ingredients, creating healthy skin

hydrolyze sericin protein, moisture, make skin smooth and soft. Elastic
big tree seeds, cocoa butter, containment, moisturizing, effectively nourish skin, relieve skin chancellor
the hyaluronic acid, natural moisturizing factor, smooth the skin, fade mark
sophora relieve skin: : effectively repair skin, reduce skin damage
the cactus: deeply nourish skin make skin full bright.

5 core effect, show the beauty of smooth muscle with

moderate moisturizing: natural gentle formula, effective moisture, make skin smooth and tender, delicate pale scar
light printing: moisturize skin and soften cutin, effectively fade blain to imprint,
meat tenderizer scar seal skin, supplement nutrients such as protein, make skin water embellish Q play
contractive pore: deep care repair the pores, skin convergence, make the skin exquisite and smooth like
purification: improve color of skin dark heavy, deep purify skin, fade uneven tone.

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