【 Cosmetics factory 】 How to protect skin to taste secondary use?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Because of skin care products sales promotion to buy more, buy protect skin to taste is not satisfactory, with low frequency or some protect skin to taste, many people will have the phenomena of skincare, close to the deadline to burn, also threw a also loathe to give up, it's a pity to blame. How to make them worth it? In fact you don't know they can also use, so let cosmetics factory processing plants for you.

cosmetics factory processing plants to fast expiration of skin care products also can do this using the

from key parts transferred to ordinary parts
in some large bowl of skin care products use the last he had been tired of using, and throw it away and think it's a pity, can be used from key parts transferred to ordinary parts. Such as quantity of eye ministry skin degree of eye cream products usually join many higher levels but molecular particles and small enough effective components. So, in the eye frost have no patience, full use of time can be used as a night cream. Or cream lotion quick is out of date already to obtain the new goods, the rest can be a cheap body, used as a body lotion. And don't forget the neck, expiring creams can be used as a neck cream to use, maintain oh don't forget the neck.

sleep disposable lipstick as ordinary lipstick lipstick capacity is often a lot larger than face cream, it is very difficult, so even if the daily use in patient warm period after use, then can sleep lipstick as ordinary washing type moisturizing lipstick, coated with a thick covering of, 10 - Wash after 15 minutes to go, so that both can be rapidly consuming products at the same time, help skin against oxidation, also prevent sleep too much in the lipstick of glial component poses a burden to the skin.

clean leather waste not
buy leather bags, leather shoes, leather and so on even care oil also need to spend a lot of money. But when you have to burn and shall expire protect skin to taste, and fully leather care can save money. As long as there is no bad lotion, cream lip balm can be used to wipe clean leather bags, leather, shoe leather, such as the cleaning effect is good and maintenance. Is important to note, however, if it is light color bags don't use pigment products, to avoid staining. Location of the horn side can now bag with a small piece for testing.

cleaning products does not forget nature
if a febrile bought a lot of foam cleanser, the fast expired also useless over, so can't in overdue then throw it away. When stained with a point on the clothes, can apply to rub, and quickly clean. And at the same time cleanser can be water transfer to hand sanitizer.
responsible for secondary cleaning bright skin water, there will be no shortage facing the crisis of being thrown away. Can slice with cotton to wipe the phone, laptop, or a computer keyboard, screen of what, as long as you can think of can, cleaning effect especially good for electronic product, also does not hurt the machine!

and autumn already, the period of change garments according to the have you if there is no shelf life next year with products then we must pay attention to keep skin care products, or product deterioration will escape.

cosmetics factory processing factory to tell you, keep skin care products, first of all, to had been sealed kaifeng protect skin to taste is the most important, to ensure that the caps. Second, the need to store in dry environment, warm and humid place turned bad quickly. In addition, if you have the habit of maintain article put in the refrigerator, don't change once, under the environment of low temperature cosmetics retention time will be longer. But remember to take out of the fridge is not too long, lest blows hot and cold cosmetics, instead more easy to break. And must be separated with our food at ordinary times, had better prepare special small refrigerator at room temperature.

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