【 Cosmetics factory 】 Hainan found 5 batch unqualified cosmetics! All suspected counterfeit production

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Cosmetics factory processing plants that hainan food drug administration recently released announcement about 5 batches of cosmetics is unqualified. For the master terminal market sales quality cosmetics, in 2017, the agency on the terminal market sales cosmetics case investigations, and so far, a total of packages 5 batch unqualified cosmetics. At present, the unqualified cosmetics has throughout the province to investigate.

the sampling observation found that mercury levels (5 batches of cosmetics and illegal add betamethasone, betamethasone valerate. The deparment, shenzhen bureau of zhuhai food and drug administration to verify that the above products are suspected counterfeit production. Hainan food food and drug administration has ordered related cities and counties to sales of alleged illegal add fake products enterprises to carry out administrative punishment, and throughout the province to investigate the problem of products.

to this end, cosmetics factory processing plants warn broad customer, check carefully before you buy cosmetics products related information, obtain and keep the relevant documents.

5 batch mercury levels and alleged illegal add product information

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