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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Beauty of life is not a heart, and now with the economic development, speed up the pace of life, beautiful cheek pouch how line? Not seriously lower the appearance? Go pouch how all can't find the right way, cosmetics factory processing factory to tell you, try this a few action, can effectively remove eye bags!

1. If the MM morning hair eye eye often swollen badly, can in the fridge a porcelain spoon every night, wake up the next morning washing a face can be used to cover the eyes, relieve eye edema, want better results can be in the middle of the spoon with a cotton pad with toner. So apply for 10 minutes, pouch dropsy phenomenon can be greatly reduced.

2, to supplement the collagen protein powder, it has moisturizing, the effect of firming, anti-wrinkle, repair skin, collagen is supporting the main components of the skin, once lost will lead to eye elasticity decreases, skin atrophy, lead to loose eye bags and wrinkles appear. Every day the fast to take the right amount of collagen powder to restore skin elasticity.

3, because of irregular work and rest for a long time, eating not harmonious causes such as black rim of the eye, need to maintain the balance of the sleep, diet, exercise, to go to bed early, try not to stay up late, cosmetics factory factory suggest you notice on food eat more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, tastes heavy greasy foods to eat less as far as possible, at the same time, to put an end to bad living habits such as smoking, drinking, and to purify black rim of the eye solid foundation. Eat more rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2 these helpful eye protection of food, such as fish, tomato, potato, liver, beans, carrots, etc. More replenish collagen, can direct oral collagen, can also be from food intake, such as pig, pig, chicken feet, etc.

4, a massage to the eye, before going to bed with ring finger in the eye of the central position light pressure 1 go pouch? The most effective, fastest perserve, every night to slow down the problem of the eye dropsy. When idle do eye exercises, massage around eyes, increase the blood circulation acceleration, blood cells are active around the eye, in order to achieve to promote blood circulation.

eye skin is very weak, so be sure to use eye cream in massage, it can not only avoid wrinkles, eye can supply nutrients, can remove eye bags, good flexibility, choose eye cream should choose to extraction of natural plant extract eye repair product, like cosmetics factory processing factory of eye cream, eye cream ingredients from pure natural plant, rejected all harmful chemical additive, relying on high-tech purification technology, blend in each plant essence ingredients in maximum, to effectively improve the eye skin problems. This can reduce chemical composition to eye week skin damage. Got many cosmetics processing customers love.

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