Cosmetics factory, generation processing will become the leader of the cosmetics market in the future

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
In today's highly developed industrial, enterprise in order to increase its resources in the configuration of the innovation ability, will be as much as possible to reduce the investment in fixed assets. Many enterprises in the mastery of the core technologies and products after the establishment of a mature marketing network, will start for production directly, but in a way that is by making the other enterprises to produce complete the production task. In this way, only need to pay the material cost and process cost, without having to bear the equipment depreciation and self-built factory and production management risk, also may at any time according to the market changes, flexible according to the need to place an order. So the processing enterprises through cosmetics cooperation can use this way large enterprise brand effect, the marketing network for small and medium enterprises to increase production, expand sales and improve the level of manufacturing management, and also to win greater economic benefits.

cosmetics market is a kind of brand of the market, at present, China has about 20000 cosmetics brand, but only about 3000 large and small has a production capacity of cosmetics companies, cosmetics factory and machining factory is one of them. The vigorous development of cosmetics brand market of cosmetics production enterprise OEM business prosperity. China will become the global OEM production base, after China's entry into the world trade organization, a third of the global OEM business will be transferred to China, pushing more world famous manufacturers shift production base to China and make China is becoming a global industrial production plant, imported OEM production examples are too numerous to count,

cosmetics brand start-up investment is small, but because of the promotion of brand of the cost is larger, 90% of the cosmetics brand enterprise does not have the capacity to invest or technical research and development, select OEM OEM can and reducing fixed assets investment, expand the marketing expenses, can also solve the technology, talent, formulation, production license, the hygiene license, etc. Many domestic cosmetics manufacturers are familial enterprises, the serious lack of quality management system, the core technology, resulting in many brand quality problem and marketed. Brand enterprise is more and more request processing cosmetics manufacturers have perfect management system, namely the ISO international quality system certification. ISO9001:2000 quality certification is the international quality standard certification system, the latest is necessary by the management system of good OEM manufacturers.

the greatest benefit cosmetics generation processing mode is between manufacturers and brands benefit-sharing, risk-sharing. This makes between vendors and customers completely become a community, and logical form an alliance, it will arouse the enthusiasm of both sides, in virtually more conducive to benefit sharing, with the risk of modern enterprise marketing concept. If brands to reduce the backlog of material, capital precipitation, core technology and equipment depreciation of investment risk, then will make money for marketing is also a very good enterprise management strategy.

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