Cosmetics factory generation process, your body needs to a SPA bath

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Spring, the dry season, the skin is dry desquamate, as a nurse daily, our investment in the face and hands was no less than, but the care of the body is relatively less, take in the supermarket pick bath dew wash bottle is finished. Do not pay attention to body care, skin is easy to lack water, dry. Cosmetics factory remind you that in his own skin moisturizing at the same time, don't forget to give your body to a SPA bath oh ~

cosmetics factory factory new bath gel, raw materials extracted from the most close to heaven place & other; Tahiti & throughout; Tahitian gardenia oil and palm kernel oil. Mix hu nuclear particles, as the body skin with mild frosted effect at the same time, and inject bring pure and fresh and pleasant scent, help powerful moisturizing and soothing, repair, purify skin! Shower gel, body scrub, body milk three-way one, effective clean waste cutin and rough skin.

lasting moisturizing more popular
micron grade moisturizing factor layers into not greasy, contains the magic micron grade moisturizing factor, one over ten of the size is common factor, layer upon layer permeability, absorb more quickly, lightsome and silky skin.

deep hydrating, build the skin water barrier
richly contain coconut kernel oil, walnut shell, effectively locks in deep skin moisture, skin moisture, more Q lubrication.

enjoy all day long, constantly moisturize
add gardenia, lasting moisture, quietly elegant fragrance, make water embellish skin accompany you all day long.

rich bubble water embellish the delicate and tender
pay attention to the body skin care, rub gently can enjoy rich foam delicate touch.

natural gentle, gentle care
natural ingredients, tactility gentleness, bring you warm bath waters, more attractive. A romantic encounter and bath gel, body you are worth waiting for ~ ~

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