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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-21
A rain a cold, from the summer heat is exciting. Summer heat and ultraviolet light stimulates the sebaceous glands secretion of oils and fats, but with the autumn temperatures drop, this means that the skin the sebaceous glands activity decreased, grease quantity reduce slowly, the skin will be dry. So the water for skin complement moisture, moisture, lock is crucial. If you want to have water tender skin, a set of basic nursing process is indispensable. Below let cosmetics factory processing plants to tell everyone about the most popular method of autumn skin care.

a, clean

1, the efficacy of soap take oil, make its full sparkling before daub, can achieve a better cleaning effect.

2, after wet the face with warm water, the bubbles onto the whole face, T word, such as pore bulky, easy oil area, but also to massage.

3, reoccupy warm water is rinsed clean face of bubble.

4, and finally into the cold water ice, in order to reduce the water temperature, and light poured in the whole face to cool.

2, hydrating

1, take about 1 yuan coin size of toner or cutin fluid in cosmetic cotton, then according to the order from outside introversion, from the bottom up to wipe the whole face.

2, moisturizing and whitening effect to have to take the make up water, after fully soaked cotton cotton, the cotton pad to tear into two and a half.

3, with wet make up cotton wet apply is most likely to produce melanin cheeks, cosmetics factory factory think shi fu 5 - best For 10 minutes.

4, contractive pore effect to have to take the make up water, the amount of about 1 yuan coin size in cosmetic cotton, gently pat and wipes the T zone of easy oil, wet apply again for 5 minutes.

3, moisten the

1, apply moisturizing essence pour on the stomach, and then gently pat with fingertips in a dry place.

2, and then pour the moist model essence milk on pure cotton cotton, with a cotton pad to massage the whole face, to help reduce oil sense of the thick cutin and metabolism.

4, strengthening the lock water nourishes the

1, if partial dry skin, desirable about 1 soya bean big cream.

2, put the cream in your cheeks, and fingers gently away.

cosmetics factory processing plants warm prompt: normally available flake lipstick wet apply face to strengthen absorption, lipstick in advance in the refrigerator, when they apply it at the same time to achieve cooling effect.

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