Cosmetics factory factory resolution: high-end Korean makeup rises, the makeup will fit in

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-29
In August 2018, parity Korean makeup such as the face shop, innisfree collective encounter cold on the mass market in China, but to amorepacific, LG life health represented by the two giants south Korean cosmetics companies have made significant gains in China's high-end cosmetics market. Cosmetics factory factory resolution: high-end Korean makeup rises, the makeup will go?

high-end Korean makeup continued strength in the Chinese market, its driver may come from the consumer to upgrade. 11 data show that the double this year increased by more than 200% of high-end skin care brands. High-end skin care brand lancome, olay, l 'oreal, estee lauder, SK - II and other high-end cosmetics brand sales occupy the position of the top five. Though parity hundred birds gazelles, natural hall sales of big shop sign also is quite high, but under the situation of consumption upgrade, the development of high-end brand has brought great threat.
zhi-gang Yang, director of the China chamber of commerce for hairdressing cosmetic industry experts committee believes that as personal income has increased, the masses in the class cosmetics consumer awareness, and gradually on the manufacturers in the high-end brand marketing, high-end market will continue to grow faster than the mass market growth is expected to.
the high-end market is, the mass market has been saturated, not much room for growth. If you want to enter the cosmetics market, do cosmetic brands. Cosmetics factory factory suggest you adopt Korean makeup mode, use medium price products to enter the Chinese market first, then by high price strategy formulation in the high-end product brand image.
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