【 Cosmetics factory 】 Dry goods, catch! How to identify natural skin care products

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Today's society, facing the streets of advertising, gush in the face of a shop assistant, how to choose the real natural protect skin to taste, it's need to polish our critical. What is a natural? Is follow the added ingredients must be from natural, rather than synthetic. But how can I choose the natural protect skin to taste? Cosmetics factory processing plant is summarized several selected natural skincare tips for your reference.

the first skill:
general smell added such as lavender essential oil, rose essential oil, chamomile essential oil and other natural plant essential oil & other Natural skin care products & throughout; , smell is natural flowers or herbs, pure and fresh happy person, has certain administrative levels feeling and fragrance, aroma will not stand still, with the passage of time, the fragrance will be a little change. Even if the smell is strong pungent spied, please note that must be added the essence of chemical synthesis. Natural essence is the natural fragrance of perfume fragrance, pure and fresh and cool, refreshing refreshing, mellow aroma, moderate shading, take a deep breath and don't think blunt nose, no & other; Artificial flavors & throughout; Marks, often feel it gives fully in aromatic some slight astringency and herbs, fragrant is more durable. And strong chemical synthesis of flavor aroma, aroma volatile, composition is relatively single, stay sweet time is shorter.

the third skill: try
inspection of course & other; Try & throughout; ! Although through smell has ruled out the existence of some chemical essence, but still needs us to try to feel the pure natural, the quality of the original plant and feelings. Due to the small molecular plant ingredients, the product quality of a material should be very fine, lubrication, so, in the back of hand skin absorbs very quickly, such as feeling more moist, no greasy feeling. Attention! For the sensitive skin must be in ear skin after the trial.

the second skill: see
first of all, whether authentic brand, observe whether do natural skin care the background of the birth, confirm the product is really strict compliance and reliable enterprise. Second, is also the most critical step: it is important to note that & other; See ingredients & throughout; 。

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