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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Again a year hydrating operational period, winter climate is dry, cause cortex secretes waxing, easy to cause skin moisture loss, easy to cause skin lacks water, want to have a wet, beauty, winter moisturizing work cannot little of course! But the truth, pretty girls have their & other; Solid & throughout; With a face of moisturizing products, but still dry skin tight? The cosmetics factory processing factory to tell you, the effectiveness of your product is really disappointing.

why don't you try the cosmetics factory factory nano bionic nutrition water?

the bionic nutraceutical ShuiJi hydrating, bright skin, repair, tender skin and multiple effect at an organic whole, milk white appearance, its light weight, fresh and not sticky be bored with.

today a lot of skin care products on the market of nutrients can be absorbed by the skin, well lost due to various reasons, this would explain why many moisturizing products cannot be lasting moisture. And the bionic nutraceutical water using modern nano microcapsule technology processing into water-soluble oily cent, soluble in water, easily absorbed by skin cells, lasting moisture is no longer a problem.

the bionic nutraceutical water rich in hyaluronic acid, can give a deep skin of hydration. Hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, originally existed in the dermal tissue of the skin, is responsible for storing water, so didn't look full, rich and elastic skin. But hyaluronic acid as the growth of the age will disappear, so that the skin lose water storage capacity, the skin will become dark and aging, the formation of tiny wrinkles. According to research shows that: 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can absorb 500 c. C water, so water absorbing capacity, become recognized as the best moisturizing factor.

it is nano dogfish huan of the bionic nutrition water, it is generated by the biomimetic membrane as the effective carrier of nutrients into the cell, can let the bionic nutraceutical the apple extracts in the water, rice fermented product filtrate, sweet almond protein hydrolysate, papain and fully effective absorption of nutrients, to promote cell regeneration, can have a good repair effect, make skin ruddy luster. In addition it contains jojoba seed oil can quickly penetrate into skin to absorb and soften skin cutin, make skin soft and elastic. And the another oil content of the rich in monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil and vitamin E, K, A, D and phenolic antioxidants, to remove facial wrinkles, delay skin aging.

with it, and the dry desert muscle say goodbye, let skin fully absorb nutrition, have water next tender luster of the skin to be you! Facts speak louder than words, the bionic nutraceutical water waiting for you to open!

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