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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Cosmetics factory processing plants that imported cosmetics in recent years the scale increasing, for example, in recent years, ningbo port imported cosmetics in August, 1497 tons of invoice value up to $23. 54 million, compared to the surge in 2 respectively. 5 times, 8. Three times. Imported cosmetics cases, the more popular, however, also appeared a lot of fake imported cosmetics business. So how can you don't understand some imported cosmetics anti-counterfeiting tips?

cosmetics factory processing plants warn broad customer, when buying imported cosmetics should pay attention to the following:
1, should choose to formal channels, from complete formalities of shops to buy imported cosmetics. Imported cosmetics networks act as purchasing agency untested there are security risks, consumers must choose carefully.

2, consumers can check if a product is labeled with Chinese label, it should indicate the product name, all the ingredients list, net content, shelf life, country of origin, distributor or importer name and address, imported cosmetics license registration approval document or the information such as the document of approval for special use cosmetics.

3, check the incoming goods inspection and quarantine certificate, check the name, brand, country of origin, specifications, production batch number, production date, shelf life etc. Content is consistent with the purchased goods;

4, consumers can also query website of total bureau of national food and drug supervision and administration of the product imported cosmetics license registration document or the document of approval for special use cosmetics related information, and confirm whether consistent with the purchased product information.

“ Life is not a heart of the love of beauty & throughout; This is human nature, but for beautiful and reckless, even puzzled by its eyes on cosmetics butch, let skin in disfigured suffering. Cosmetics factory factory think, more beautiful, more want to be safe. Cosmetics factory adhering to the pure plant, no added to & other; Healthy skin, green beauty & throughout; For the concept, research and development production of each product is safe and effective. Custom is safe and effective cosmetics, choose cosmetics factory, safeguard!

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