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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Cosmetics factory factory adhering & other; Integrity, rigorous, diligent, willing to pay, it is the responsibility of & throughout; The enterprise values & throughout; 。 Dedicated research and development of cosmetics, and constantly upgrade innovation, only to provide you with high quality, cost-effective products, but as you don't know good cosmetics factory. Well! It doesn't matter, small make up take you to see the advantages of cosmetics factory, where we are to let you know.

1, industry advantage cosmetics factory devotes to the extracted from natural plants and Chinese herbal medicine product research and development of & other; Pure plant without adding & throughout; Cosmetics, has first-class ERP enterprise management system, is a management norms, accept supervision of the government and the public cosmetics ODM/OEM business, the company adopts the standardized operation and management, and accept the Chinese cosmetics functional departments and the strict supervision of the public. Was awarded as quality good faith commitment unit, quality, integrity in advanced unit, the city quality association member units.

2, professional advantage as a processing factory has 20 years experience in research and development cosmetics, helped more than hundreds of cosmetics brands at home and abroad successful listing, master brands selling a line of data, from the enterprise brand registration, processing customized, brand planning, product positioning, packaging design, network operations 12 aspects, such as to give the client free professional advice, tailored for your brand, get your brand in the competition advantage.

3, technical advantage with guangdong pharmaceutical university professors and r&d team, r&d engineers personally formula, excellent formula, various series of existing mature cosmetics processing formula for customers to choose. Company directors specializes in cosmetic research and development technology for more than 20 years, with the guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base, more lucid ganoderma extracted plant such as lipstick, lipstick automatic irrigation machine a number of invention patents.

4, research and development advantage the company has a strong r&d team and facilities and advanced research and development, master the high-tech biochemical technology, supercritical fluid extraction technology, modern nanometer microcapsule technology, osmotic pressure, liquid crystal micro emulsification technology and so on, developed a series of high safety, stronger permeability and absorbent is better, the effect is more obvious characteristics of formula.

5, hardware advantage cosmetics factory owns nearly tens of thousands of square garden type factory workshop, advanced professional technical big factory, with a number of foreign suppliers, using the highest quality natural ingredients abroad the development and production, the production workshop in accordance with the high purification clean production workshop international quality system standard certification, has passed the FDA - GMPC thousands level dustless workshop workshop authentication and through the eu ISO22716:2007 international quality standard system certification. With excellent production management, help the customer warehousing, logistics and distribution services, products, timely delivery, packaging materials in place, ten working days of delivery.

has five big advantages, not only have more cosmetics factory 12 service for free!

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