Cosmetics factory co-packer science: four sunscreen myths, you of?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
The cause of skin aging, 80% are caused by ultraviolet light. Want to be young is prevented bask in! Today, cosmetics factory co-packer will talk to you: the big four is prevented bask in a myth, you of?

myth: to prevent bask in summer, winter does not prevent bask in
skin sunscreen is cut off or absorb ultraviolet light. New Zealand journal of medicine showed that uv for intradermal skin fiber damage is irreversible. Ultraviolet (uv) light can be said to be the cause wrinkles and aging skin, relaxation and shading the biggest culprit. The uv index change with range is 0 to 15 Numbers, usually, uv index of 0 in the night, tropical, plateau area, sunny days when the uv index of 15. When the higher the uv index, said the more ultraviolet radiation to human body skin erythema damage degree aggravate, similarly, the higher the uv index, in the short time the greater the damage to the skin also. Ultraviolet there every day all the year round, even if it's cloudy or rain. All, not to prevent bask in summer, winter also remember to apply sunscreen.
erroneous zone 2: sunscreen prevent bask in coefficient is higher, the better to the skin.
SPF ( 防晒系数) Refers to the SPF SPF, measure the ultraviolet ray in sunshine UVB sunscreen is the defense capabilities of testing index, shows that sunscreen can play to prevent bask in efficiency of the high and low. It is based on the minimum erythema dose to determine the skin.
although SPF is an important indicator of sun protection, but it doesn't mean the higher SPF, the stronger the protection. The higher SPF, chemical sunscreen to add the more, and this kind of sunscreen is corrosive, add, the more corrosive is stronger. Too much sunscreen easily penetrate into skin, also cause the problem such as allergies. The SPF value, the greater the permeability, the worse, will hinder the normal secretion of the skin and breathing.
myth 3: a sunshade need not besmear bask in
in fact 50% of the ultraviolet ray can through the isolation of parasols, hurt the human body; Glass also is so, it can only isolated uvb rays ( UVB) While uva rays, UVA) Without interference to penetrate glass. It can effectively block the ultraviolet ray to bask in the umbrella, but no matter how it is valid, at best, also can cut off direct ultraviolet light. Only on the surface of the skin direct slap on the sunscreen lotion can completely isolated from ultraviolet light.
myth: out the door with a sunscreen, can prevent bask in all day
because the active ingredients in sunscreen must permeate to after corneous layer, can play a protective effect for a long time, so it's best to go out first 30 minutes after wiping, supplement the once before going out. On the use of dose, each must have at least 1 ~ 2 ml, can achieve the best sunscreen effect. At the same time, sunscreen products after hours insolate place daub, due to reasons, such as sweat the dilution of the prevent bask in the effect will be weakened gradually, so should wash in time and again, in order to ensure a continuation of prevent bask in effect.
in the end, cosmetics factory co-packer warm reminder: everyday will do is prevented bask in: 1. No matter what the season, what the weather, whether or not to go out, sun protection can't be little, the rays still remember. 2. Umbrella when you go out, sun hat, prevent bask in clothes.
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