Cosmetics factory co-packer: better product quality, advanced equipment

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
At present, the processing cosmetics market competition intensified, in which to survive and long-term development, it must have advanced production equipment and excellent management level, it is to provide clients with high quality products on time one of the important guarantee conditions.
in the update of the cosmetics development, design, packaging quality, storage condition and a series of production and business operation activities of all reflects the importance of production equipment. On the one hand, advanced equipment to improve product quality, ensure product quality stability, on the other hand, help to improve the labor productivity, reduce production costs, reduce consumption, increase production, to ensure customer delivery on time.
cosmetics factory is a co-packer has advanced equipment, focus on production safety, rest assured, good effective contract products of cosmetics. Cosmetics factory adopts advanced high performance liquid color, multi-effect cosmetics function tester, imported plant extraction equipment, the introduction of high-tech technology, supercritical fluid extraction will be effective natural plant ingredients used in cosmetics, to ensure the production of natural, safe and effective green plants cosmetics.
at the same time, the emulsification workshop cosmetics factory co-packer using automated information, intelligent automatic filling workshop, hundreds of standard packaging workshop, tens of thousands of square garden-like plant, through the use of advanced modern production equipment, fully automatic lipstick filling production line, daily output of 300000 pieces.



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