【 Cosmetics factory 】 China's rise cosmetics have to work from?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Nowadays the cosmetics market development follows, as of August 2017, held in our country enterprises has reached more than 3880 cosmetics production license, but only a few leading enterprises, so, China's cosmetics rise where can work, the following in baiyun district, for example, by cosmetics factory processing factory introduction for you.

cosmetics factory processing plants, at present, baiyun district of the cosmetics industry mainly face & lsquo; Small, scattered and disorderly & rsquo; Wait for a problem. ‘ Small & rsquo; Refers to the entire district more than 1100 enterprises only created more than 20 production. Why is loose? The whole industry chain is very complete, but no matter which side of the industrial chain, including raw materials, packaging, to take a stand of leading enterprises. Why? There is much in the regulatory system, baiyun district, intentionally or not, to avoid regulation.

therefore, transformation and upgrading of baiyun district branch of industrial and commercial bureau letter promote coco long Zheng Lifeng said in cosmetics industry development strategy of the future orientation is to build a regional influence asia-pacific beauty, form a platform, center, park, town four one of the industrial structure. Among them, the key direction of industrial structure on the design capabilities and levels. Another goal is to perfect the industry chain, with special emphasis on the industrial chain of biotechnology research and development at this stage. Because we found the chemical cosmetics era is drawing to a close, will enter the next is the biological age.

in the 20 years experience in processing cosmetics cosmetics factory processing plants that China's cosmetics to rise, Chinese enterprises should also be timely understanding of foreign brand competition is how to develop cosmetic, etc. And in addition to the brand, scientific research, local cosmetics enterprises in China should be in detail, such as design, packaging, touch only details will handle well, China is expected to become the global cosmetics market after five years of NO. 1.

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