【 Cosmetics factory 】 China cosmetic industry development present situation and the trends in 2017

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Cosmetics factory factory think cosmetics industry development is rapid, though slowing growth in 2017, but the size of the market data is still optimistic. The following is the specific analysis for details.

the development of Chinese cosmetic industry status quo
with China's national income doubling plan, the development of the urbanization strategy implementation, the total quantity of urban residents in China to further expand, per capita disposable income to further improve, continues to increase the size of the market for cosmetics field. Euromonitor data show that China's cosmetics market sales scale from 2010 in 2045. 3. 3 billion yuan rose to 2016 in 3360. 6. 1 billion yuan, the compound growth rate of 9. 06%, become the world's second largest cosmetics consumer after the United States. Nearly two years due to sluggish economic growth is slowing, retail terminal, industry growth, but growth rate at about 6%, is expected to China's market scale will reach 3587 in 2017. 6. 5 billion yuan.

at present, have got the license for the manufacturing of cosmetics companies in the country close to 4000, the domestic cosmetics 500000 kinds of species, production enterprises are numerous. Euromonitor, according to the domestic cosmetics market top brand basic sales for foreign brands, domestic only Shanghai jahwa and kuan ti group in columns, foreign brand occupy the leading position in the market. At the same time, top ten cosmetics brand market share of less than 50%, the overall market concentration degree is not high.

compared with developed countries, China's per capita skincare products consumption conversion into dollars is only 17. $96, not only far lower than the United States, Germany and other skincare products per capita consumption is relatively mature countries, also far lower than Japan, South Korea and other Asian neighbors. With the future consumption upgrade and the concept of skin care products consumption habits, cultivation, gap is expected to shrink.

Chinese cosmetic industry development trend according to cosmetics factory processing plant many years of market experience, with different demand, the product will also unceasingly subdivision. Whitening, spot, anti-aging, moisturizing, sun protection, hydrating these concepts class products will have different market segments. Eyes, lips, cheeks and neck products closer to customers specific requirements. In recent years, the pure natural plant products is popular, is one of the cosmetics market future development center of gravity, and various cosmetics enterprises strengthen the research and development of key areas.

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