Cosmetics factory, China and the United States makeup town is expected to learn from each other with French cosmetics enterprises

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Cosmetics factory processing plants to learn that in the method, the last day of BBS youth leader the French President marolon in the Elysee palace, met with the delegates ( Beauty makeup town) Ya-nan wang had a cordial conversation. Ya-nan wang introduced the Chinese cosmetics production base in zhejiang province to the marolon & ndash; — China town in beauty makeup, and hope to communicate with French cosmetics enterprise study, the revitalization of China's national brand cosmetics, hope will be more excellent Chinese cosmetics brand to consumers of France.

cosmetics factory processing plants, as early as 2015 to October 15 to 16, the French COSMETIC360 exhibition held in Paris, France the Louvre. During the exhibition, held a press conference for the first time, China and the United States makeup town proclaimed to the world China beauty makeup town huzhou started construction in China. The summit is not only caused by the French media attention in the mainstream, the French President marolon also visit the exhibition scene, and meet with the delegates to the Chinese cosmetics enterprises.

in China town beauty makeup at a press conference for the first time in the world, our general counsel Hou Jun also declared to the world: today, we took a dream came to Paris, the dream of a Chinese cosmetics industry: we will be in huzhou to build a new China, the world of Chinese cosmetics industry is concentrated, to fully promote the development of Chinese cosmetic industry level, the benefit of the Chinese and foreign customers, and for cosmetics companies around the world have a dream a business platform, developing the booming and rapidly changing China's cosmetics market.

Hou Jun also said: in China, the land, like the French in urgent need of construction & other Valley of cosmetics & throughout; Highland, the same industry to gather all cosmetics industry chain and the elements of resources, improve enterprise management efficiency and the overall level of the industry. China needs to provide the world with such a first-class standard base, for the good from all over the world cosmetics and upstream and downstream enterprises to provide a development platform, to jointly develop the rapid growth of China's cosmetics market, promote the sustainable development of world cosmetic industry.

beauty makeup the town from the beginning of birth, is highly fit our country industry development direction and the characteristics of town government policy, the height of the superior government recognition and support of the cosmetics industry at home and abroad and the favour of social capital.

cosmetics factory think cosmetics factory, in order to the beauty of Chinese cosmetic industry makeup dream, build & other; Eastern glass & throughout; ; For the integration of the world's best cosmetics industry resources, better serve national brand, recommend excellent national cosmetics brand to the world, China and the United States makeup town team each member should be dreams continuous efforts, to establish excellent cosmetic enterprises, with excellent product quality feedback to the market.

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