【 Cosmetics factory 】 Chanel's decline, lack of innovation?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-21
Cosmetics factory processing plants that luxury brand Chanel results continued weakness in 2016, its sales and profits in the decline of the 2 years in a row, compared with other luxury brands, has seriously diminished.

since 2015, Chanel began are faced with the challenge of performance for this kind of phenomenon, the specific reason, be said on both shiva said shiva. But from its focus on store expansion, marketing and show the scene, and ignore the product innovation, small make up think clearly lack of innovation is one of the factors that affect performance decline. So as a business, should not first want to do it, do what a glamorous surface, but should be on the product innovation. Cosmetics factory processing factory is very good consciousness to a point, always does not forget according to the market demand for product innovation.

with French cosmetics factory YUIMES research institution cooperation, cosmetic skin care to & other; Product innovation, technology innovation & throughout; For the development of philosophy & throughout; Of the enterprise purpose, adhering to the pure plant, without adding to & other; Healthy skin, green beauty & throughout; For the idea, and constantly develop new products. Dedicated to the research and development of the Chinese women's health skin and make unremitting struggle.

along the way, cosmetics factory and guangdong pharmaceutical university research center combining, build the r&d team, guangdong pharmaceutical university professor and a reverse osmosis water treatment device, automatic irrigation machine, lipstick, and a number of patent certificate, is the industry's famous cosmetics factory. Got the trust of many customers, both at home and abroad hundreds of cosmetics brand cooperation. Absorb the advanced technology to provide customers with quality products and services, to achieve the perfect cohesion products and brand image.

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