【 Cosmetics factory 】 Autumn/winter moisture lock water, how can god assists it less?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Based on the spirit of continuous innovation, cosmetics factory processing plants and developed a nanometer bionic nutrition water, in this autumn and winter season, maybe you need it. Nano bionic water and nutrition to skin water, it open up a new form of the water system products, at the same time to the perfect combination of many kinds of active components in water, oil, both in terms of moisture lock water or fight decline, shows its powerful effect.

cosmetics factory factory using modern nanometer microcapsule technology can effectively will rich oil into the water phase, leading the tide of oil/water system, to meet the needs of the public & other; Throughout, lock synchronization &; 。 Unique formula is adopted at the same time, will & other; Queen of vegetable oil & throughout; Olive fruit oil, & throughout; Liquid gold & other; Jojoba seed oil and & other The most close to human skin structure of oil & throughout; Squalane perfect combination, bring water embellish feast.

it water-based components include the natural moisturizing factor hyaluronic acid; Has the oxidation resistance, anti-aging, anti-radiation, whitening and moisturizing multiple role of apple polyphenols; Activate cells, promote cells regeneration, which have good repair effect of rice fermented product filtrate: can reach can promote skin micro circulation, make the skin ruddy luster of almond protein. To create a unique milk white and beautiful appearance.
after use, skin instantly hydrating, lock water, improve skin water embellish force itself, is not only to further improve skin moisture value, makes your skin ruddy luster, make your skin dry RuMuChunYu. Idle young, needy old. Hydrating, idle young, needy old! Autumn and winter to moisture lock water, god assists without cosmetics factory processing plants the nano bionic nutrition water.

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