Cosmetics factory, a cleanser will flower

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Cosmetics factory processing plants, new products recommend

3. Section 8 goddess in the past, believe in the goddess you are starting with a lot of good! Small make up there is also a good fun and useful cosmetics factory processing of 3 d recommend cleansing foam roses to you oh ~ believe everybody's attention is the word in the 3 d above. So how are about this kind of bubble cleansing method of 3 d, small make up the following illustrated to describe for you.

rose composition, wash a face more nourishing

in 3 d said before, we first to know about the basic information of the products, 3 d rose cleansing foam is cosmetics factory factory the latest research and development production of new products, products mainly of roses and hyaluronic acid. Effect, mainly is to balance the skin ph alkalinity, mildly clean the face, deep nourishing moisturizing. Her thick foam is exquisite, can let the goddess face cleaner oh, contain natural rose essence and make skin more nourishing, all type of skin apply oh ~

fun 3 d foam

how to say it for fun, the export of product at the top of the design into a rose shape contour, with the hand press on both sides of the ears, and a beautiful rose slowly forming, along the low-end remove rose with the hand, will be fun and beautiful rose in the palm of your hand, you can feel the hint of roses. A will flower in the 3 d foam skin cleaning, wash your face into a kind of enjoyment.

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