Cosmetics contract had to prevent cheating trick

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
In recent years, the cosmetics industry is very hot! Even when the & other; Ten profiteering industry & ensp; Cosmetics most profitable! ” This kind of speech. So many entrepreneurs tend to cosmetic industry. These entrepreneurs can choose first find cosmetics do OEM contract, namely we often say cosmetics OEM or ODM. Just have a trademark and the business license, may also directly entrusted to cosmetics factory, as long as the investment can be secure. Now many cosmetics contract will provide one-stop services, can help these entrepreneurs from registered companies and the positioning of the trademark to the product to the final shipment.
to find the processing factory is worry a lot, but any industry are the risks and opportunities coexist, if you want to profit in the cosmetics industry, the following points have to open your eyes, so as not to fall for it!

first, the price is too cheap

many entrepreneurs start doing will tend to follow the product price is cheap, small manufacturers cooperation. Everyone knows that a penny a points goods, in the packaging material cost under the condition of fixed, if the price is too low, factory side is certainly no profit, the manufacturer also is not stupid ah, light do business at a loss. You know the manufacturer costs including labor, raw materials cost, package fee and laboratory research and development expenses, etc. Formal manufacturers because supply channels, management cost and so on, gives the price is relatively high. The same material, different brand different suppliers but the price difference, the quality also have differences. When given the price is very low very low, you should be careful.

in the second place, a little.

the amount is too small factory in the custom package cost will be a little high, on the production cost will be higher. Integrated these two aspects, if one can give the price and quantity are small, the factory is not be profitable, that why he will pick up this sheet? The most manufacturers may not be qualified in underground factory, want to make a run of the road, under the countries more and more strict regulation for make-up, perhaps you have not played with shipment factory is shut down. Entrepreneurs to lose half of the deposit. Loss a little money doesn't matter, but in the start-up stage, in some kind of ambition you want cosmetics make a blue ocean, a pot of cold water poured down at this moment, the team is a hit. Later can continue to business is a big problem. A good beginning is half done, so must again began to do goods, attach importance to this problem.
the above two, because of the strict regulations of the state now, cosmetics contract must conform to article 105 of the standard, with the joining together of two certificates cosmetics production license and pollutant discharge permit ( Also known as ring guarantee) To continue doing it. At present many domestic manufacturers are not standard, no pollutants discharge permit, the manufacturer may be the last to struggle to stop the factory. If you are also want cosmetics this hot market share will pay attention to the above two points.

cosmetics factory processing factory in line with for the sake of customers, the solemn commitment:

1. Cosmetics factory have two certificates and cosmetics production permit and business license, and the provisions of the state of pollution.

2. Cosmetics factory is normal manufacturer, only do the high quality product, the product price is not the lowest but the price is the highest, never cheat customers. From the details to ensure the quality of products, each product delivery has only trace code, good faith for the customer, has a strong after-sales guarantee, welcome every customer supervision.

3. Cosmetics factory contract is a natural plant technology development center, professional research and development production of natural cosmetics, never add any banned substances. Natural ingredients, the effect is obvious, following the trend, focused on environmental protection and sustainable development. Let every customer trust, cosmetics factory is willing to help every customer in the cosmetics industry bigger and stronger, to grow with each other.

4. Cosmetics factory research and development of every product research and development through market research, on the market is very competitive. It will also give the corresponding test report and result comparison test report. Help customers easily with self brand.

5. Cosmetics factory as a national high and new technology enterprise, guangdong pharmaceutical university experimental teaching base, owns more than ten patent technology, can be free to play in cooperation with the customer product packaging, improve product value for our partners.

welcome to cosmetics factory factory inspection, the company free of charge for transportation

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