Cosmetics contract: billed as one of the top ten profiteering industry, cosmetics industry now?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
So-called profits over ten points, profiteering industry, one of the top ten cosmetics industry
in 2019, suffered a setback, the beauty of the domestic makeup market competition is intense, a lot of business performance decline, this makes a lot of people who is going to create a self-service cosmetics brand back, the in the cosmetics contract perspective, although a lot of enterprise performance fell in 2019 but not a lot of upstream brands and companies, such as kuan ti group, perfect diary, flower west etc.

this means: no, not the industry but too many similar product concept into a similar market diversion. To know the global cosmetics industry market size reached $488 billion in 2018, the China's cosmetics industry market size of about $58. 7 billion, accounting for 12. The market share of 7%, second only to the United States and become the world's second cosmetics consumer market. At the same time, on the size of the market growth in China has become the world first. Consumption than the speed of the size of the market expansion, the cake is very big you have to learn how to eat.
cosmetics companies are now facing a rapidly changing new consumer groups, how to use several intelligence tools to keep up with their pace is a challenge. Section at the same time, the industrial chain upstream and downstream are becoming complex, highly coordinated is needed to form a long-term with other brand competition advantage. Number intellectualization into the future as a result, the whole link makeup brand truly competing ability of a basic conditions. The most important still is new product innovation, this is the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Dr Cosmetics factory level research and development team, from markets and new consumers, the original natural plant research and development system, introducing new quarterly, most of the cooperation with customer and cosmetics factory cooperation, push the new quarterly upstream, become one of the best-selling brand will never stop!

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