【 Cosmetics co-packer 】 In September 2017 cosmetics sales of 22. 2 billion yuan

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Cosmetics factory co-packer from business industry research institute that September 2017 cosmetics consumer income is 22. 2 billion yuan, with the same period last year growth of 13. 4%. 1-2017 Cosmetic cumulative income of 180. 6 billion yuan, in September 12 year-on-year growth. 1%.

cosmetics factory co-packer is retail class as a whole are better than incomes rose in August and September, retail sales of consumer goods 1. 463 trillion yuan above designated units, 7. 8%. 1 - In September, 11. 7751 trillion yuan above designated unit retail sales of consumer goods, growth 8. 5%. The cosmetic growth on September 13. 4%. Furniture and other Chinese and fastest year-on-year growth, compared with the same period last year growth of 15. 5% and 14. 6%; Furniture September revenue was 27. 6 billion yuan, Chinese and western income 89. 2 billion yuan. Beverage category income 21. 5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 6. 1%.

from cosmetics consumer income, the latest consumption, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) 1-2017 September cosmetics cumulative revenue of 180. 6 billion yuan, rose 12. Total retail sales of social consumer goods 1%, higher than the same period growth of 10. 4%.

cosmetics factory is a collection of cosmetics research and development, production, sales and service in one of the cosmetics co-packer, enterprise for a long time the description of the characteristics of the various types of hair and skin, successfully developed a series of terminal cosmetics brand. And run independent brand jade's beauty and become beautiful, at the same time, there are hundreds of brand in our factory in the form of OEM, ODM, OBM tiepai processing production. Production projects are: skin care/cleaning/hair care class, etc.

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