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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Beauty of life is not a heart, with a young white and beautiful skin is the pursuit of girls so desperately. However, reality is cruel, we're not immortal, goblins, how can you not leave a mark on the skin. In the beauty salon professional, many people believe in it can perfect to take off the change, and to the beauty salon & other; Change skin & throughout; Has become the basic way, following the cosmetics factory co-packer below small make up to look at these specific methods, advantages and disadvantages the heart, look at it.

the first: physical methods

using instrument for facial skin grinding

although for facial skin grinding apparatus on the market very much, whether it is a confident ballooned to DIY homework at home, still think safe to go to beauty parlour, this method has the disadvantages of strength is hard to control the physical is, in other words, to our skin has more or less damage.

the second: cosmetic surgery

surgically laser peels

although laser surgery do not need hospitalization, intraoperative bleeding, but the pain & hellip; Girls, very responsibly tell you that there still. And after three months & other; Transient pigment & throughout; With a greater incidence of calm. And, laser surgery has more stringent requirements for color oh, is not for everyone, in order to avoid & other; Permanent pigment & throughout; Calm, color of skin in not very shallow or deep patients in particular, be careful operation, there is a certain risk.

to see this kind of means that avi has damaged skin, with the threat of pain and risk, part of the girls heart already back down, become the premise and the key is: beautiful, after all, safe and effective. God never shuts one door but he opens another, cosmetics factory co-packer suggest should insist on some targeted skin problems of natural plant protect skin to taste, suit the skin is the winning formula. Although not like xiao wei of the painted skin, give yourself in skin, let oneself Qin Chun etched, but choose to safe and effective products, get the skin such as coagulate fat, such as white skin is not a problem, can achieve the result that change skin all roads lead to Rome.

shine skin cream six ingredients, & other; Chun & throughout; A beautiful flesh, such as new

arbutin, reduce the skin pigment deposition, remove spots and freckles, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, make skin pure white and flawless

centella asiatica extract, give skin elasticity, strengthen the flexibility of skin, delay ageing; Make skin tender and bright

ginseng extract: expansion of skin blood capillary, accelerate the blood circulation, skin for skin nutrition, regulate the water oil balance of skin, enhance skin plumpness and white degree of the cell is like a rebirth. Ginseng saponin also with antioxidant, restrain the melanin reduction performance, make skin glittering and translucent bright again.

ganoderma lucidum: remove spots, oxidation, reduce wrinkles, moisturize delicate skin;

hyaluronic acid: keep the skin moist and smooth, delicate, soft, elastic, has the anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle, beauty care and restore the skin physiology function

yeast extract: bright white, efficient moisturizing and nutritional skin, skin moisture rich red

six ingredients into an organic whole, many kinds of plant extract ingredients and biological active ingredient, complement each other, union to promote each other. Can enhance the vitality of the skin, make the skin keep burnish, whitening, and be able to spot, remove scar, slow and repair skin, bring more gentle and pure whitening and nourishing to skin, let skin through youth pure white muscles of age now, make the skin in the youth brilliance.

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