Cosmetics co-packer finishing recommendation: male skin care products development prospects

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-29
Popular cosmetics factory co-packer for you finishing industry information: as & other; Throughout, Korea &; And & other Small meat & throughout; Concepts such as leading the fashion, men even beauty makeup to clean skin care products demand is growing rapidly.
forecasts suggest that over the next three years mainland male skin care and beauty makeup the market retail sales growth rate will reach an average of 13. 5%, far higher than 5. The global growth of 8%. From 2015 to 2016, the results of the survey points out, in terms of various beauty skin care, only 13 per capita consumption gap between men and women. 7 yuan, more than 26, 2014. 6 yuan to cut by half.

although women are still beauty makeup major consumers, but in the past five years, & other; Small meat & throughout; And & other Flower beautiful male & throughout; , with higher every unit price and higher consumption class, become an ignore cosmetics consumption power. From the overall trend, men care products and perfume products with obvious advantages to occupy the top two of male consumer preferences.
on the other hand, men's care products and cosmetics products the main user area are highly overlap, this partly explains the appeal of male facial care and dress up is gradually progressive. Higher men to facial treatment requirement, also derived the facial image as well as the overall temperament advanced demand, thus promote the sales of cosmetics, perfumes, and other categories.

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