【 Cosmetics co-packer 】 Feed the innovation of the administration of drug safety cosmetics regulatory model have?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
This year is the state food and drug supervision administration of cosmetics production industry a big year for a change in policy, such as the unified cosmetics production license, provided new requirements of domestic variety of cosmetics for the record inspection information, etc. , at the same time of cosmetic industry in China is facing a major challenge for a year. Cosmetics factory, on the other hand, generation of processing plant, food cosmetics post-marketing drug safety administration in order to increase inspections. Published in the unqualified product information at the same time, increased the production genetic link check.

cosmetics factory co-packer realized that this work can check whether regulators in accordance with the regulations issued by cosmetics inspection qualified after the production license, and you can check whether production enterprise in accordance with the licensing conditions for production, at the same time also can check whether the merchants of circulation qualified cosmetics sales. ” In July 2017, the administration of drug safety supervision and sampling also released cosmetics specification notice, has carried on the strict requirements for cosmetics sampling work. “ It has solved the cosmetics for many years sampling procedure is not perfect, do not have a unified requirements.

cosmetics factory generation processing factory is a large cosmetics technology processing enterprises, since its inception, strictly in accordance with the requirements of food administration of drug safety, strict processing production. Market-oriented in cosmetics research and development production, driven by innovation, with enterprises as the main body, under the guidance to the enterprises in product variety, quality, etc full time, in the industry achieved a good reputation. To create more good in China with international products and make unremitting struggle.

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