cosmetic products - what you put on the skin you\'re putting in the skin

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-26
The skin care industry is a much more competitive
Million Dollar Arena
Cosmetics are created every day, claiming to be natural and organic.
While some company products may contain some natural ingredients, it is important to know that no matter what happens on your skin, it will eventually enter your skin.
Having said that, you must be aware of certain offending agents that will cause a lot of damage to your body.
Your skin is the largest organ you have and part of the reason for eliminating the waste from your body.
If you plug your pores or put the wrong ingredients on your body, you may spend an unnecessary period of time correcting the wrong behavior.
When you fail to eliminate waste through appropriate elimination pathways, your skin is a safety net used to eliminate all toxins that your digestive tract cannot discharge.
Why is it most important to focus on your skin?
Unlike the skin when you eat food, your body has enzymes in your saliva and stomach to help break down the food.
However, when you decide to apply something to your skin, there is no filtration system that can break down the chemicals present in the substance you use.
So these substances go directly into your blood and organs.
This is almost equivalent to taking prescription drugs in terms of side effects or side effects of the poison that stays in the body for many years after taking the drug.
One of the most common mistakes when people have skin problems is that they think local skin products are the answer.
Using these skin products with the support of treatment will eventually do more harm than good.
Just because these products have hidden illegal agents that enter the body.
What are some of the top hidden agents that people don\'t know about?
Below is a list of the three toxic substances found in skincare products. 1.
Sodium twelve Ester sulfate.
This chemical is the main ingredient used in almost all soap, shampoo and detergent.
It is known to cause skin irritation and eye irritation.
You can also find SLS in some industrial cleaners and detergents. 2.
Sodium Lawrence sulfate.
Very similar to SLS, but it is considered less disastrous.
This substance also stimulates the skin, but it is known to have a carcinogenic substance, dioxaloo (pre-
Cancer cursor)
Can also cause hair loss3.
Ammonium twelve Ester sulfate.
This is the third most common surface change in the manufacture of foam from cosmetics and cleaners.
Whenever you use shampoo foam, just remember that your foam is produced by ALS.
Don\'t panic when you have skin problems.
Skin problems mean your body is removing toxins.
Your skin is the next available elimination channel when you can\'t use the toilet.
The main lesson here is to realize that having a clean blood is equal to having a clean skin.
When you notice a rash or skin problem, just understand that your blood needs to be cleaned.
Now is not the time to use artificial local drugs.
Here is a list of some of the most commonly used skincare products. 1.
Lipstick or lipstick.
Lotion and cream.
Shampoo or condition. Oils5. Lanolin -
Waxed wool. Noxema -
Facial cleaning agent 7
Using an artificial skin product deodorant is a quick way to invite disease.
You are willing to poison your organs by allowing chemicals to enter your blood.
You often get sick and don\'t know why.
This can be quite confusing as the last place you want to get sick is through your beloved makeup.
It is better to choose natural cosmetics.
The rule is that if you can\'t eat it then it shouldn\'t be used on your skin.
This simplifies the whole situation of those who may have problems, figuring out from this point what they can use.
Jojoba oil, marula oil, avocado, coconut, aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter are the best natural ingredients that people use as cosmetics.
Using all natural means is not only a healthier option for you, but you will improve from certain skin stimuli over time.
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