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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-13
Taking care of your skin is a disciplinary issue compared to anything else.
If you want your makeup to last, Acare care routine is exactly what you need.
Makeup products perform best on happy and healthy skin.
So to get your best face forward, let\'s take a look at what is a reliable facial skin care procedure.
In other words, basic skin care routines include the following steps: cleaning exfoliating moisturizing using sunscreen cleaning is the first step in the routine of facial care.
Cleaning helps to remove dirt, contaminants, oil and extra oil from your face.
Just apply the wet face with a good cleansing cream and then massage carefully onto the skin with an upward stroke.
Gently slide your face with a soft face towel or sponge (do not rub).
Must be cleaned at least twice a day (
Morning and Evening).
Select a mild cleaner that does not contain chemicals such as SLS (
Sodium twelve Ester sulfuric acid)
It may be dry.
Color matching is the next step in the facial care program.
Depending on your requirements, this may be an optional step for your skin care routine.
Most of the time, the correct cleaning can make up for the lack of color matching.
Color tones eliminate excess detergent products and restore pH balance.
It can further rejuvenate, moisturize and recuperate the skin, ready for serum or moisturizer.
When you are exposed to a particularly extreme environment/pollution, or if you make up for a long time, you may change tune occasionally.
Exfoliating is a key step in any kind of facial routine.
Everyone\'s skin is different.
Depending on your age, skin type, and environment, you may have to exfoliate as frequently as you do every other day or week.
Exfoliating has a place in your daily life. -
Due to the natural tendency of skin cells to recover every 3 or 4 weeks.
Exfoliating helps to eliminate the lifeless skin cells that clog pores, thus helping the skin to enter the organic process and exposing fresh and energetic skin below.
In the long run, however, excessive or extreme exfoliating can cause damage to your skin.
Pay attention to your skin and reduce the frequency if it reacts or starts to erupt.
The next step is moisturizing.
In fact, moisturizing is the most basic part of the facial care routine.
Moisturiser provides a moisturizing barrier to prevent the face from drying.
Again, use a light up stroke when applying cream.
When applied to a new clean, damp skin, the moisturizer functions best.
Use sunscreen for sun protection during the day.
Choose a cream with SPF 30 or higher.
If you don\'t want to apply extra lotion, you can choose a cream with SPF.
Even if the weather is cloudy, you spend most of your time indoors using sunscreen.
The sun will age the skin.
Deterrence is easier than later remedial problems.
If you follow the basic procedure mentioned above, your face will become smooth, moist and ready for makeup.
The powder will stick better on a soft and moisturizing face.
The skin that falls off properly will be much less.
To further achieve the perfect look, make up with a professional makeup brush.
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