Contract manufacturing & private label directory.

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Room 2375, 92507 Third Street, Riverside, California, United States of America :(951)683-2912 Fax: (951)683-0952 E-mail: y220@aol.
Website: www. 2220labs.
Specialty: Aerosol, liquid filling, cream, OTCA Abbe lab
1095 wide Hollow Road, Farmingdale, New York 11735 Tel :(631)756-2223; (800/457-0990 Fax: (631)756-0894 E-
Email: Message @ abbelabs.
Website: www. abbelabs.
Com Official: Robert Posner, vice president of R & D;
Manager Paul Ian Nuzzo operations: low minimum size: low minimum cerfnotifications: FDA registered professional:
Aging, acne, otc cm function: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa ABCO2450 S
Fairfield CA 94533, Watney Road Tel :(707)432-2200; (800)678-2226 Fax: (707)432-2240 E-
Email: Sales @ abcolabs
Website: www. abcolabs.
1964 officials: Alan Baron, president;
Vice President David Barron
General Manager Philip Snowden certification: GMP certificate IS0 9000.
KosherAccel 8133, Lewis Center, high Field Road, OH 43035 Tel :(740)549-0606 Fax: (740)549-4199 E-
Mail: Customer Service @ accel-inc.
Website: www. accel-inc.
Com establishment: 1995 officials: Tara Abraham, CEO: David Abraham.
President branch: OH, OH run: certification in at least 5000 units: DEA, FDA, WBENC, OTC and GMCP compliance major: simple to complex gift/promotions and other pick up and pack/equip lines, fulfillment, inkjet coding, on-packs, re-works. shrink-
Shrink packaging service
Movie bags, labels, ticketing, POP displays, club store packaging, distribution with RF features.
EDI Pac P. EDI order processing, warehousing, design, sales and procurementO.
2988 Contact number: (46515574)295-0000 Fax: (574)296-
1700 website: www. accrapac.
1967 officials: President and CEO Satish Shah: Robert E.
Theroux, president and chief operating officer: Dan L. Williams, Sr. VP Tech Serv. ;
Fred Buckman, CFOBranches: CA (
Warehousing and Distribution only I run: 25,000 minutes. ;
Negotiable size: maximum
Transferable certification: EPA, FDA major: CM capabilities for pharmaceutical, household products, cosmetics and cosmetics, automotive products: A, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, 1501 Industrial Avenue po Accupac. P. O.
Box 200 mainland, PA 19451 Tel :(215)256-7000 Fax: (215)256-
Established in 7009: 1972 branches: Kulpsville, PA operation: 1000-
Size 10 million: 1/8 ounces. -
Tanker truck certification: FDA, DEA major: liquid, cream, gel, ointment, liquid and powder packed into jars, bottles, tubes and bags CM capabilities: c, LC, LH, Cincinnati, OH 1060, 45237 yuan Avenue, Midwest, United States :(513)242-0033 Fax: (513)242-0084 E-
Email: Sales @ accupackmidwest.
Website: www. Central and western regions.
Year of establishment of the committee: 1986 officials: President Mark Proctor;
Laurie Waczula, product development and operation: 5000-
Size: 2G-10 m--
1 gallon certification: CMP, product testing, FDA, EPa major: plastic pipe with SPFCM function, lip balm: C, LC, LH, L, Pc, pa Aerofil Technology 225 Industrial Park Avenue Sullivan, MO 63080 Tel :(573)468-1474 Fax: (573)468-5557 E-
Postage: dnowlin @ aerofil.
Website: www. aerofil.
Year of establishment: Eugene F. 1988 officer
President ifnik: 5000 units and sizes: aerosol-all; Liquids-100ml-1 gal. ; Dry-2oz. -20 lbs.
Certification: ISO 9001, EPA professional: high service level C [O. sub. 2]
CM function: A, LC, LH, Po aerosol service (
Outsourcing Services division)
425 Ninth Avenue, Ronan
Box 2428 Industrial City, CA 91746 Tel :(626)363-6200 Fax: (626)330-
9464 website: www. osghq.
Com year of establishment: 1966 officers: Jim bodenar, GM operations: 25,000 Min size: 1 oz-55 gals.
Certification: California Environmental Protection AgencyH. S.
Specialty: aerosol and liquid mixing, filling, R & d cm capability: A, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa spray company
C Ventura, 3112 seg Avenue, CA 93003-7648 Tel: (805)289-0140 Fax: (805)289-0149 E-
Email: msn spray
Website: www. aerosprays.
Com official Jim Stone general manager Aftelier perfume 1442 Walnut Street 369 # Berkeley, CA 94709 Tel :(510)841-2111 Fax: (510)841-2111 E-
Postage: mandy @ aftelier.
Website: www. aftelier.
Com year of establishment: 1998 officials: perfume master Mandy Aftel operation: small target laboratory of 4203 WFullerton Ave.
Tel: (Chicago, IL 60639)773)489-3015 Fax: (773)489-
Founded in 3033: 1977 officials: Joe Wynn, vice president of marketing: 5000 minimum sizes: 0. 5-16 oz.
Specialty: small liquid filling;
Lip balm CM function: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Al Albert Shansky 10 Winfield Street Norwalk, CT 06855 Tel :(203)853-7179 Fax: (203)866-3071 E-
Email: alshansky @ aol
Officer: Chairman Albert shanski;
Pearl Brodi, vice president of Alliance packaging group 420 technology Road Saukville, WI 53080 Tel :(262)268-2720 Fax: (262)268-0891 E-
Email: linda @ alliance-packaging.
Website: www. alliance-packaging.
Com officer: Linda Kamal, Faf church with Alpha aromatic 294 Alpha inverter, BA 15238 Tel :(412)252-1012 Fax: (412)252-
1014: 2000 officials: Arnold Zlotnik Ambix Laboratory
Tel: (tototowa, New Jersey, Zip code: 07542)973)890-9002 Fax: (973)890-9778 E-
Postage: ambixlab @ aol.
Website: www. ambixlabs.
Official: Alvin J.
President Goron;
Eli Golenberg, vice president: FDA negotiable certification; NJ Dept. Health;
Epa cm features: Al, C, LC, LH, L, pa usa Spraytech 205 Meister Ave.
North, NJ 08876 Tel :(908)725-6060 Fax: (908)725-
Established in 1932: 1981 officials: William McCarthy, President22-oz.
Specialty: Anderson package 1635 New Milford school road spray and pump spray.
Tel: (61109)815)873-5016 Fax: (815)873-1364 E-
Email: Rhetzke @ andpkg
Website: www.
Anderson packaging company
Com year of establishment: Larry Beckman, president and CEO, 1968 officials;
Tom Baca, president of consumer goods department.
Certification: FDA, epa cp capabilities: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Andrew MMartin 16539 S. Main St.
Contact number: (CA 90248 Gardena)310)323-2000 Fax: (310)323-
Established in 2265: 1957 officials: Cliff Miller, presidential campaign: 5000-
Size 1,000,000: 1/2cc-6 oz.
Certification: FDA Professional: CM capabilities for liquids and gels: Al, C, L Anisa International, Inc.
3423 Piedmont Road, Suite 530O.
GA Atlanta box 18 30305 Tel :(404)869-6475 Fax: (404)869-6476 E-
Email: Message @ anisa
Website: www. anisa.
Com Official: Anisa T.
Hunter, president of Apollo industry, 1850 South Cobb Industrial Avenue.
Contact number: (GA 30082 Smyrna)770)433-0210 Fax: (770)433-0132 E-
Postage: aerosol @ earthlink.
Net website: www. apolloind.
Year of establishment: 1970 branches: GA Dalton
1,200 units and above; liquids-
1,200 units and sizes: aerosol-
24-22mm aluminumoz. steel; liquids-4 oz. -
55 gallon barrel certification: EPA, FDA specialty: full range of aerosol and other unique packaging alternatives;
Own brand or Apollo brand.
Detergent, Polish, deodorant, disinfectant, pesticide, adhesive and industrial products.
In addition, customer product fill and develop CM capabilities: A, Al, LC, LH Arizona Natural resources2525 E.
Bear Zili Road, Phoenix, AZ 85050-1322 Tel: (602)569-6900 Fax: (602)569-9697 E-
Email: Sales @ aznaturals
Year of establishment: George F. 1971 officers
Dembow III and Paul.
2,400 minutes, President.
To the size of millions :. 15-oz. -
Drum certification: FDA major: hair care, skin care, bath care, body care, Sunshine Care CM capacity: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Qiu Harp61, Pine StreetO.
Contact number: (Box 267 Bristol, VT 05443)802)453-4807 Fax: (802)453-4903 E-
Email: Sales @ autumnharp.
Website: www. autumnharp.
Officer: Dave Logan, chairman;
John Logan, president of Birch 20465 East Walnut Drive walnut, CA 91789 Tel :(909)598-1951 Fax: (909)595-
3328 website: www. bocchilabs.
Year of establishment of Com: CEO Leon Scruton, 1989 officials;
Daniel Ramirez, VP-
Marketing Branch: Santa Clarita, California;
Dayton, New Jersey: 10,000 size: all size certifications: OTC, medicine, alcohol.
Specialty: CM capacity for hair care and body care: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa Boomerang 4164 Coastline Drive Spring Park, MN 55384 Tel :(952)471-9855 Fax: (952)471-9870 E-
Email: pnyberg @ boomeranglabs
Website: www. boomeranglabs.
Year of establishment of Com: 1999 officer: Paul Nyberg, branch of president: MN Spring Park, running time: 3000 minutes. ; unlimited max. Sizes: 1 fl. oz. -1 gal.
Certification: FDA, OTC specialty: liquid filling personal care, home products, shampoo, Bath care, cream, lotion, gel CM capabilities: C, LC, LH, l bpi Laboratory
No. 97, South Red Willow Road, WY Evanston, WY 82930 Tel :(307)789-7288 Fax: (307)789-7932 E-
Mail: Message @ bpilabs.
Website: www. bpilabs.
Year of establishment of Com: 1986 officials: Bradford Shirley, president Runs: Bradford Soap Factory Co. , Ltd.
200 Providence StreetO.
Box 1007 West Warwick, RI 02893-0907 Tel: (401)821-2141 Fax: (401)821-5960 E-
Message: Message @ bradfordsoap.
Website: www. bradfordsoap.
1876 officials: John Howland, chairman;
CEO Steve LeGraw; Pat Marso,EVP-operations;
Joseph Solski of EVP;
Edmund George, vice president
Business Development;
EVP-Gary Moorhead
Sales branch: Chester, UK; Dayton, OH;
Certification: EPA, FDA, organic specialty: Soap
Grinding, transparent, translucent, skin color, deodorant-
7401 114 Ave powder cream and foam liquid Breeze products.
Contact number: (FL 33773 North Largo)727)521-4482 Fax: (727)521-4311 E-
Postage: Robert @ breezeproducts.
Website: www. breezeproducts.
Year of establishment: 1999 officials: Robert dowwell, vice presidentR&D;
President Michael lime
Alison Sager, director of private label accounts, operations: small-medium Size: 0. 5-oz. -1 gal.
Features: cream, lotion, liquid, indoor tanning, R & d c-
979 Enterprise Avenue full service.
Contact number: (MD 21090)410)850-0035 Fax: (410)684-2647 E-mail: info@c-care-company.
Website: www. c-care-company.
2000 officers: President Stan prachek;
Valerie Vail, vice president of sales;
Mike Marin, chief financial officer
Greg Dembeck, operations manager: unlimited size: 20 ml-3.
78 liter certification: GMP Major: CM capability for hair and skin products: Al, C, LC, LH, l ca Botana International 9365 Waples St.
Tel: (San Diego, CA 92121)858)450-1717; (800)872-2332 Fax: (858)450-0610 E-
Email: ca-healthy skinbotana.
Website: www. ca-botana.
President Ursula Wagstaff;
RI thee Roming, sales/marketing Cardinal Pharma 184 John Clark Road Middletown, RI 02842 Tel :(401)225-8273 Fax: (207)934-9191 E-
Postage: cardinallp @ aol.
Host: President Cargill Tabb, Bishop Norman CardinalPro Corp. 4 E.
Small cypress dome in Frederick, NJ 07927 Tel :(973)267-8888 Fax: (973)267-7998 E-
Mail: cargilletabpro @ att
Net Year Established: Reorg.
1994 officer: John J.
Certification: EPA major: mixing, tablet, process (non-FDA), tablets-
Ability of Fragrancecarriers: 8200 Katella Avenue, treasure Caribia.
Contact number: (CA 90680 # G Stanton)714)799-5603 Fax: (714)799-
7312 website: www. hawaiiantan.
1978 officers: Harry F.
Joan M. McClaren
McLachlan :(negotiable)
Specializing in short-med. Sizes: . 5-ez. -55 gal.
Drum certification: FDA major: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Al carp PO.
15699 Durham, NC 27704 Tel :(919)682-5121 Fax: (919)682-3174 E-
Email: cheminc @ earthlink
Net year of establishment: 1977 officials
Thomas Amore, President/technical director;
Tom Carr, general manager
Shirley Earp, Secretary/Treasurer;
John Duret, plantmgr. Runs: small-large (negotiable)Sizes: 2-oz.
Up to tanker certification: FDA, EPA specialty: CM capability for product development: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Po Carrington Laboratory
2001 Irvine Walnut Hill Lane, Texas 75038 Tel :(800)527-5216 Fax: (800)358-5233 E-
Email: Sales @ carringtonlabs
Website: www. carringtonlabs.
Com operation: 3,000 minimum certifications: FDA-registered OTC facility, ISO 9001 certified Jewish facility, certified organic facility.
CM features: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Case-
Mason fill Pulaski Highway 816O.
Box 230 Joppa, MD 21085 Tel :(410)679-8900 Fax: (410)679-2907 E-
Email: amason @ casemason
Year of establishment: 1974 officials: Alfred P.
Mason, President certification: EPA, FDA major: blister packaging, display packaging, shrink packaging CM capability: A, LC, LH, l ccl custom made, 6133 Rosemont suite, 800 IL 60018 Tel :(847)823-0060 Fax: (847)823-0061 E-
Postage: rosemont @ lccustom.
Website: www. cclcustom.
1951 officers: Paul camings, President;
Paul Germaine, vice president certification: EPA, FDA specialty: Full Service contract manufacturing CM capability: lh ccl custom manufacturing, 35 Cumberland, Martin Street, RI 028645361 Tel: (401)333-4200 Fax: (401)333-3780 E-
Postage: rosemont @ lccustom.
Website: www. cclind.
1951 officers: Paul camings, President;
Paul Germaine, vice president certification: EPA, FDA Professional: Full Service contract manufacturing CM capability: CCL Custom Manufacturing 1-in Danville, West haigel Lane, IL 61832-8398 Tel: (217)442-1400 Fax: (217)442-0902 E-
Postage: rosemont @ lccustom.
Website: www. cclind.
1951 officers: Paul camings, President;
Paul Germaine, vice president of certification: EPA, FDA specialty: Full Service contract manufacturing CM capability: A, LC, lh ccl custom manufacturing 1725
Contact number: (Memphis, TN 38109)901)947-5400 Fax: (901)947-5484 E-
Postage: rosemont @ lccustom.
Website: www. cclind.
1951 officials: Paul camings, chairman;
Certification: EPA, FDA Professional: CM capability for full service contract manufacturing: C, LC, L Colep/CCL (Europe)
Tel: (6133 North River Road, Suite 800, 60018 Rosemont, IL)847)823-0060 Fax: (847)823-0061 E-
Postage: rosemont @ CC sutom.
Website: www. cclcustom.
Year of establishment of Com: 1951 officials: Paul Germaine, vice president of certification: Comah, ISO, FDA, MCASpecialties: Full Service contract manufacturing CP capability, A, C CCP25, Andrews Avenue, West Paterson, New Jersey 07424 Tel :(973)256-8877 Fax: (973)256-2483 E-Email: Sales @ ccp-hq.
Website: CCP-HQ.
Year of establishment: 1979 officers: Walter Sheppard;
Fred Rimmele, sales director: transferable dimensions: transferable certification: FDA specialty: Luminous Powder, bath and body products, liquids, creams and lotions l cds p. O.
Box 292677 Kettering, OH 45429 Tel :(937)865-4609 Fax: (937)865-3186 E-
Email: vcadcs @ aol
Website: www.
1984 officials: Victor. Crainich Jr.
President of Celeste IndustriesO.
MD 775 Box on Box 21601 Tel :(410)822-5775 Fax: (410)822-
Established in 1252: 1946 officers: CEO & President certified Elwood Miller: ISO 9002, EPA, FDA Professional: form, fill, seal pack/water soluble CM capability: Al, LC, IL 3800 Hawthorne kegan Hawthorne Court certified packaging 60087 Tel :(847)625-1515 Fax: (847)625-8566 E-
Mail: Sales @ cpcpack
Website: www. cpcpack.
Year of establishment: Owen Morris, president, 1978 officials;
CEO Kam Sheth business: 5,000 to unlimited size: 1/8-oz.
Bulk certification: FDA, EPA, AFT alcohol licensing major: filling liquid, lotion, gel, cream, powder, OTC, industrial into tubes, cans, bottles, bulk, packettes
Full service including gift pack assembly, promotional display, shrink pack and blister.
Delivery and warehousing services are available.
Complete R & D lab and micro lab.
CM capabilities: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Chase Products 19 and Broadview, gardener Road, IL 60153 Tel :(708)865-1000 Fax: (708)865-
7041 website: www. chaseproducts.
Year of establishment: 1927 officialsW. Svendsen Jr. , president; Ronald F.
DeSimone, marketing director of the company;
Judy Alba, vice presidentoperations;
Ting idargo, vice president
Manufacturing Branch: Broadview, IL run: size as required: certification as required: EPA, Pesticides #498 specialty: Aerosol, custom aerosol packaging ChemAid lab
100 Mahill Street, NJ 07663-5302 Tel: (201)843-3300 Fax: (201)843-5579 E-
Postage: mreiner @ chemaidlabs.
Year of establishment: 1971 officers: Roy H.
President Reina;
Vice President Mark Reina
Sales and Marketing Services: 5000 (min. )-
2,000,000 size: 0. 25-oz. -
Gallon certification: FDA Professional: Skin Care/treatment cosmetics, hair care products, creams, lotions, gel CM functions: al, A, C, LH, 285 change Bridge Road, Pine Brook, New Jersey L Christine Valmy 07058 Tel :(973)575-1050; (800)526-5057 Fax: (973)575-1355 E-mail: cvnj@aol.
Website: www. christinevalmy.
Com year of establishment: 1965 officer: Susan Weitz certified by customer relations manager: OTC classic 9601 Irondale Ave.
Contact number: (Chatsworth, CA 91311)818)773-9042 Fax: (818)773-9029 E-
Postage: lazy monkey @ classiccosmonics.
Website: www.
Classic cosmetics.
Year of establishment: 1988 Times: different sizes: different certifications: OTC drug manufacturing license specialty: color cosmetics, personal care products classic Lady Packaging Co. , Ltd.
5785 St Westwood Avenue
63304 Contact number :(636)441-8803 Fax: (636)441-8532 E-
Email: \"link to Earth \".
Net website: www. classicladypkg.
Year of establishment: 1991 officers
Xie Fu, Chairman; E. W. Schaeffer, sec. /tres. Runs: 100-
100,000 and size: 1/4 ounces. -1 gallon; Powders: 1gm-1 lbs.
Certification: EPA, wb especi: short run-
CM function: Al, C, LC, L, Pa, Po, A, LH are obviously 1340 N of natural products. McDowell Blvd.
Phone number 94954 of the previous Cup :(800)274-SOAP Fax: (707)762-5816 E-
Postage: Bob @ clearlynaturalsoaps.
Website: www.
Of course.
1979 Official: Bob Rice, sole proprietor.
Operation: size based on customer needs: specialty based on customer needs: glycerin soap, melt and pour bulk soap, liquefied glycerin soap CM function: clinical results of professional soap 5900 Central Ave. , Suite K St.
Telephone: (33707)727)344-0519 Fax: (727)344-3920 E-
Email: dpollock @ clinical results
Website: www. Clinical results.
1996 officials: David Pollock, chairman; Dr.
Doug Reitz, Vice President, Operations: Certification of various sizes: FDA, OTC specialty: R & D of CM competence in the treatment and stabilization of vitamin C skin care: C, LC, LH, l. cobe chemical laboratory 8616 Slauson AvenuePico Rivera, CA 90660 Tel :(562)942-2426 Fax: (562)942-9985 E-
Email: Sales @ cobechem
Website: www. cobechem.
Cem establishment: 1970 officials: 5000 minutes by President Sergio kunnon. (non. neg)-Max: no limit (inquire)Sizes: . 25-gal.
Certification: FDA, EPA, CA Department
Professional bureau of health services, alcohol, tobacco and fire: aloe juice, national products, Noi juice, dietdrinks CM capabilities: c, LC, LH, L, Al, pa cosmonics cosmetic manufacturing 1661 Timothy Drive San Leandro, CA 94577 Tel :(510)562-5900 Fax: (510)562-3544 E-
Postage: info @ columbiacosmonics.
Website: www.
Com establishment: 1978 officer: Rachel Lundell, branch of president: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Burbank certification: FDA specialty: complete pharmaceutical and packaging company for cosmetics, skin care.
490 route 46 East Fairfield, NJ 07004 Tel :(973)882-8484 Fax: (973)882-9338 E-
Postage: collegiate13 @ yahoo.
Barry Breman, sales manager: 1,000-
Size 1,000,000: 1/2 ounces. -
Gallon certification: FDA Professional: C, LC, Lh, L, Pa, Po, Al, Conair packaging
No. 1, Point Road, cards
Stamford, CT 0694 Tel :(203)351-9000 Fax: (203)351-9440 E-
Email: tony _ dascenzo @ conair.
Year of establishment of Com: 1960 officers: Vice President Dennis Rizotto
Sales and operation;
Tonyd \'ascenzo, director of business development: Illinois operations: 25,000 PCs, maximum size: 1/2 fl. oz. -
Gallon certification: FDA, ATFSpecialties: CM capacity for health and beauty care: a. , Al. C. , LC. LH. L. Pa. Po. lidated Chemex 235 New Jersey Avenue New Brunswick NJ 08901 Tel :(732)828-7676 Fax: (732)828-8677 E-
Email: Sales @ chemexcorp
Website: www. chemexcorp.
1971 officials: Walter M.
President Run: min.
50 gallons of liquid, paste or 500. powder Size: 8-, 16-, 32-oz. , 1-, 5-, 15-, 55-gal.
And batch certification: USDA, EPA major: automotive, industrial, institutional CM capabilities: Po Continental laboratory LC, Pa, IA 912, 50156 Nanzhou Street, Madrid, United States :(800)358-5062 Fax: (515)795-2954 E-
Mail: cmc @ iowatelecom
Net website: www. continentalmfg.
1949 officials: Gerry Miller, chairman;
General manager Dave Bequeaith: size from short to long: 0. 5-oz. -1 gal.
Certification: FDA, cGMP compliance, EPA, ATF specialty: unique packaging design, difficulty in preparation/mixing, CM capability in R & D: al, LC, LH, C, L, pa Corwood Labs Ltd.
Tel: (11788) 55 Arkay Drive Hauppauge, NY631)273-7373 Fax: (631)273-7465 E-
Mail: Sales @ corwoodlabs
Website: www. corwoodlabs.
1968 officials: President Owen Selle; Laurence H.
Levine, director of sales and marketing: 10,000 units-
Size: 1/2 ounces. -1 gal. -
Batch certification: FDA, NY Bd. of Pharm.
Liquor Bureau, professional in quality certification service: Route 35 South Holmdel, NJ 2182, route 07733 of lotion technology cosmetics :(732)888-7788 Fax: (732)888-
6086 website: www. Beauty Essence.
John crodick, CEO;
Chief Operating Officer Rich Howard
Dave Jacobsen, vice president, Joe Atencio, Chief Financial Officersales;
Bill Zrebic, VP-
R & D: Edison, Ridgefield and Cranbury, New Jersey and VA Roanoke-
National release certification: FDA, OSHA-
Certified order fulfillment center specialty: Spices, creams/lotions, color cosmetics CM capabilities: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po cosmetics laboratory in 20245 Sunburst St, USA
Contact number: (Chatsworth, CA 91311)818)998-3511 Fax: (818)717-6156 E-
Email: CLA ell @ CLA-Cosmeticlabs.
Com year of establishment: 1972 operation: 25,000 minimum size: 1-oz. -gal.
Certification: FDA Professional: CP capability for hair and skin care products: professional laboratory for cosmetics of Al, C, LC, LH, L
210 southwest Texas Avenue, P.
O box 187 Lawton, OK 73501-8196 Tel: (580)355-2182; (800)364-2182 Fax: (580)355-1195 E-
Mail: aloeman @ aloe-vera.
Website: www. aloe-vera.
The chairman, Edna Hennessy;
Cosmolab 1100 Lafayette Rd Fort Louis, TN 37091 Tel, president of Odus Hennessee :(931)359-6253 Fax: (931)359-
Established in 8465: 1930 officers: Holly Montgomery, presidential campaign: 5000 units.
Each color certification: EPA, FDA major: cosmetic pencil CM capability: LC, LH, Po Cosmopak Corp.
150 West 28 Street
New York, NY 800 suite 10001 Tel :(212)764-4822 Fax: (212)764-4833 E-
Mail: Sales @ cosmopak
Website: www. cosmopak.
Year of establishment of Com: 1997 senior staff: Walter Dwyer, president, executive sales manager, London professional company
Key products from Coughlan products
357 burger TurnpikeWayne, NJ 07474-0708 Tel: (973)904-1500; Fax: (973)904-9191 E-
Postage: info @ coughlanproducts.
Website: www.
1900 officers: Randolph M.
President Reynolds; Patricia F. Campbell,exec. vice president; Laura A.
Spaulding, vice president of R & D, business: various sizes: various certifications: EPA specialty: blister bath powder and tablet CM capabilities: horny scrub, bath salt and sparkling bath powder creative beauty innovation 2055
75006, C Luna Road, Carrollton, Texas :(972)241-7546; (800)822-7546 Fax: (800)352-1094 E-
Email: klaye @ cbiskincare
Website: www. cbiskincare.
Com Official: Ken Laye, President: Open size: Open Certification: FDA, OTC specialty: cream;
Function of emulsion CM: A, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pc, Po curamy x Inc.
Tel: (1060) 94611 Leo Road, Oakland, California510)420-0840; Fax: (510)420-0840 E-
Mail: info @ curamy x
Website: www. curamyx.
Year of establishment of Com: 2002 officials: Askesh Patel, vice president
Business Development; Dr.
Chief executive branch of falgrunidasupta: Curamyx treating private soldiers. Ltd.
Certification in India: ISO 9000,2016 specialty: herbal personal care and healthcare custom aerosol packaging 543 Staunton St, P. O.
Box 1411 Piqua, OH 45356 Tel :(937)773-1824; Fax: (937)773-6009 E-
Postage: Touch @ lts.
Net website: www. customaerosol.
1969 officers: Robert.
President Heckman; Mary E.
Hackman, Secretary/Treasurer; Eric T.
From short to long: 1/4-oz.
To super packs certification: EPA professional: cleaning agent, liquid and powder soap, shampoo, powder CM capability: A, C, LC, L, Pa, Po custom HBC Corporation 654 Industrial Drive.
Contact number: (Waconia, MN 55387)952)442-8242; (877)442-9881 Fax: (952)442-1084 E-
Postage: info @ custom HBC.
Website: www. customhbc.
2000 officials: Larry William, president;
Rich Sladek, creative director;
Gene Hoppenrath, sales manager;
Jessica William, accounting manager
Rachel William, purchasing manager: 25 girls. min. Sizes: 1. 0-to 128. 0-oz.
Certification: FDA, EPA professional: Short term CM capability: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Po custom mpak 885 W
Tel: (Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256)330)725-2800; (877)345-5464 Fax: (330)722-5187 E-
Mail: ron @ customorg; fred@custompak.
Organization year: 1971 officials: President Ron camagria;
Deputy Mayor Fred Camaglia
President: 10,000-
Size 1,000,000: 1 ounce. to 1 gal.
Certification: EPA/kosher professional: extrusion tube, mixed CM features: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa Cygnus Corporation 340 East 138 St
Tel: (Chicago, IL 60827)773)785-7100; Fax: (773)785-3935 E-
Postage: jmurphy @ cygnusco.
Website: www. cygnusco.
Com year of establishment: 1987 officer: Mark Kopaskie, President professional: detergent and household cleaner CM capacity: LC, Po D\'Arcy lab 2015 SW.
Tel: (2nd Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33069)954)334-1000 Fax: (954)334-1001 E-
Postage: nicolo @ darcyskincare.
Website: www. darcyskincare.
Com establishment: 1979 officials: Richard Nicolo Runs: negotiable size: negotiable certification: FDA specialty: skin care, pain products, OTC, hair care CM capacity Pa Delbia Do 2550, 10451 Bronx Park Avenue, NY Tel :(718)585-2226 Fax: (718)665-7922 E-
Mail: Message @ delbiado.
Year of establishment of Com: 1968 officials: Vice President Daryl duo
Operation and Operation: Test the small operation from the market to the production batch :. 5-to 16-oz.
Features: alcohol and toiletries Dena Corporation on 850 Nicholas Avenue.
Tel: (60007) village of elkgrove847)593-3041 Fax: (847)593-3087 E-mail: hasan.
Elkhatib @ denacorp.
Year of establishment: 1968 times: negotiable size: negotiable specialty: liquid, cream, gel, etc.
CM features: C, LC, LH, L, Pa Dermatech 165 S.
Tel: (11757) Tenth Street, Lindenhurst, New York631)225-1700 Fax: (631)225-
0510 mail: lon @ lonusa
Website: www. lonusa.
Com official: President Dan blale of the German chancellor LLC900Washington St.
Joliet, IL 60433 Tel :(815)727-4931 Fax: (815)727-4333 E-
Postage: losuds @ aol.
Officer: James L.
President Jackson;
Dell McCann, vice presidentfinance; Anita Jackson; VP-adminstration;
McDonald Ray, vice president
R & D;
William Boucher, vice president
Sales and marketing department: negotiable scale: small to club certification: Chicago Minority Business Development Major: liquid and powder detergent size Sales Co. , Ltd.
Wharton, NJ 07885, No. 86 North Street :(973)328-1600 Fax: (973)328-4598 E-
Email: anugent @ dmmj
Website: www. dminj.
1973 officials: President Eugene silver;
Robert Rick, executive vice president;
Anthony newkint, vice president of sales;
Jack Martin, director of customer certification of the company: FDA major: cosmetic filling and manufacturing CM capabilities: Blistering, stretch packaging, lipstick molding, lipstick manufacturing; tube filling;
Vacuum formingDiversiPak 5055 national trunk line 276 Batavia, Oh 45103 Tel :(513)732-2000 Fax: (513)735-
Established in 1014: 1984 run: from pilot run to national launch certification: FDA, EPA specialty: hair care, skin care and professional chemistry scm capabilities: al, C, LC, L po E Earth Science 475Sheridan St.
Contact number: (CA 92880 Corona)909)371-7565 Fax: (909)371-
0509 website: www.
Earth science research center
Year of establishment: 1979 officials: President Christine shawnaol;
Michael Ritchie, executive director
Diane Smart, national contract sales manager: 5,000 sizes: Most certifications: alcohol, food, OTC specialty: liquid Ecocare 101 North Front St.
Read, PA 19601 Tel :(610)376-2250 Fax: (610)376-1913 E-
Email: cs @ ecocare
Website: www. ecocare.
Com year of establishment: 1998 officers: Jean and Joseph Mazzotta running every day: 48 to 30,000, 5 ml to 250 gal.
Handbag professional: hair care, hair color, home perfume CM features: A, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Ecometics 19 Concord StreetS.
Contact number: (CT 06854 Norwalk)203)853-7856 Fax: (203)853-6408 E-
Mall: Sales @ ecometics
Website: www. ecometics.
Year of establishment: 1972 officialsLowenstein, J.
Lowenstein Runs: any certification: EPA, FDA major: perfume and hair color CM features: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa EMS contract packaging 1560O.
Box 380 Hatfield, PA 19440 Tel :(215)412-8380 Fax: (215)412-8450 E-
Postage: sgkcfu @ aol.
Website: www. emsdiasum.
Year of establishment: 1960 officials: Stacie KirschRuns: certification from small to large: FDA Enbiromed P. O.
Box 530805 debit, FL 32753 Tel :(734)604-1000 Fax: (386)668-2479 E-
Mail: enbiromed @ earthlink.
Net year of establishment: 1994 officers: Mike Kassa certification: FDA, epa cp capabilities: A, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po EVI products 413
United City, New Jersey 07087 Tel :(201)863-0015 Fax: (201)863-7304 E-
Mail: info @ eviskin
Year of establishment: 1971 officers: President Orlando basks;
Eva Basquez, vice president: from short to long: 1cc-
20cc professional: AMP filling CM capacity: C, LC, l f m brush 70-
11385 Contact number :(718)821-5939 Fax: (718)821-2385 E-
Mail: info @ fmbrush
Website: www. fmbrush.
Com Official: George mink, vice president
Sales Gas Station No. 87 West Street Walpole, Ma 02081 Tel :(508)850-5177 Fax: (508)850-5178 E-
Email: selling @ thefillingstation.
Net website: www.
Gas station.
1998 officials: Christopher D.
White branch: Walpole, MA Runs: negotiable size: negotiable certification: FDA, cGMP, professional: Design-a-
Sealed, quality tube CM function: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa Flexpaq 550, 07080 South Plains, Haidley Road, New Jersey :(908)753-7300 Fax: (908)753-
7959 website: www. flexpaq.
Year of establishment: Robert balput, President and CEO, 1988 officials; Marc-
Andre hukes, general manager and chief operating officer;
Jim, vice president? sales.
Branch: Socoplan operation of Thouars, France: test the market according to National scale :. 5gm/ml. -
1 Specification: EPA, FDA major: CM function of sample product in unit dose/test size: Al, C, LC, L, Pa, Po FMI200 cascade driver, Bldg.
D. Allen town, PA 18109 Tel :(610)266-7580 ext. 18 Fax: (610)266-7586 E-
Postage: robertg @ fragrancemfg.
Website: www. fmi.
1992 officers: Kevin H.
President Rhodes; H.
Robert Gustavson Jr.
, Vicepresident run: Up to 100,000 size: 0. 5oz. -
1 gallon certification: FDA major: hair care, skin care, personal care, CM capabilities for household products: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po FNC Corp.
No. 5600 Everglades Street
CA 93003 Ventura C # Tel :(805)644-7566 Fax: (805)644-0777 E-
Mail: rayt @ fncmedical
Website: www. fncmedical.
Year of establishment: 1990 officers: Ray Thomas Rose: minutes. 5,000 pcs.
, No maximum certification: FDA expertise: CM capabilities for skin and hair care products: Al, C, LC, L, Pa, LH Forsythe PO.
431 Lawrence, NY 11559 Tel :(800)221-8080 Fax: (516)239-4745 E-
Mail: Message @ cosmeticgroup.
Website: www. cosmeticgroup.
Com establishment: 1979 officials: Bennett Rose, President major: nail polish, lip stick, lip gloss G. Garcoa 24007 Ventura Avenue.
, CA 135-kalabassas #913022568 Tel: (818)225-0375 Fax: (818)225-9251 E-
Postage: grubin1055 @ aol.
Year of establishment: 1983 Chicago branches; Toronto; Phoenix City; Hua Cheng, MO,
Chatsworth, CA run: 1-
Dimensions 50,000,000: 1-48 oz.
Certification: many FDA/OTC specialties: skin, hair, body, mouth, OTC, baby, powder and OTCtopical CP capabilities: a, Al, C, LC, LH, Pa 75042 Marquis Avenue, Garland, Texas (Po GDMI2763) Tel :(800)299-8980, (972)494-7477 Fax: (972)494-7477 E-
Mail: gdmi @ air mail.
Net year of establishment: 1982 officials: Gina Ferral run: minutes.
20 gallons in bulk, up to 1,000 gallons in bulk: 3 ml and larger, including batch manufacturing certification: FDA, OTC, 63,000 square feet of drugs. ft.
Facilities: Gilbert, Z 85233, North Hobson Street, Al, C, LC, LH, L GPMI1224 Tel :(480)503-0006 Fax: (480)503-0243 E-
Postage: nshear @ gpmicompany.
Website: www. gpmicompany.
Year of establishment: 2989 President Bender ron Bender;
Senior Vice President certification: EPA, ISO; cGMP/FDA (4 qtr. 2004)
Professional: Product development, turnkey production, wet wipes, ultrasonic welding, cans, labels, flow, packaging, soap, dipping gloves, pods, gloves, etc.
Tel: (617) Guy and O\'Neill 53021 Tower Drive Fredonia, WI262)692-2369 Fax: (262)692-6027 E-
Postage: trochman @ guyandoneill.
Website: www. guyandoneill.
Year of establishment: 1980 officers: Timothy L.
Rochman, vice president of sales operations: transferable certification: FDA, EPA professional: Contract manufacturing capability: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa H Harrison professional, Inc.
MA 02021, No. 15, Guangdong University Road :(781)828-8180 Fax: (781)821-2341; (781)828-4057 E-
Postage: refontaine @ harrisonspecilty.
Website: www.
Harris specialty.
Year of establishment of Com: 1961 officials: Russel Fontaine, GM Branch: Webster, MA and Chino
CM function of aerosol HBA and otc products: A, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, treasure medicine 1900-C W.
Fairfield Stone Road, IA 52556 Tel :(641)209-3500; (888)928-2121 Fax: (641)4872-8672 E-
Postage: Kelai @ grass-aromatica.
Website: www. herba-aromatica.
Year of establishment of Com: 1990 officials: Dr. Kristoff strycherD, president;
Gloria Foster, general manager: Any Size: any certification: certified organic essential oils and ingredients real plant therapeutic ingredients.
Factory is CM capability approved by FDA: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po, HNC Products CompanyR. R.
1. box 107D, Rte.
51 & Webster Street
Tel: (61727)217)935-6845 Fax: (217)935-8938 E-
Mail: info @ hncproducts.
Website: www. hncproducts.
Year of establishment: 1989 officers: Srila Podini branch: CSP packaging, 2 Lafayette Ct.
Bloomington, IL 61704: 500-Size 10,000: 4-
400 ml certification: FDA specialty: ointment, cream, lotion, liquid, soap CM capacity: C, LC, LH, Pa Hygenic laboratory and cosmetics 6500 NW.
Tel: (12 th Avenue, Suite 114, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309)954)491-0200/(800)776-0555 Fax: (954)491-2291 E-
Postage: jorgecosmonics @ Wizards.
Net website: www. hygenic-labs.
Year of establishment: 1973 officials: Jorge T.
Blau branch: Fort Lauderdale, FL business: small to large features: imported seaweed, aromatherapy I.
Shay cosmetics 12911 Cerise St.
Tel: (Hawthorne, California, 90250)310)644-0600; (800)465-7233 Fax: (310)644-2135 E-Postage: ishay @ aol.
Year of establishment: 1984 officials: Xie da Ehsan, chairman; Nick Ehsan, VP;
Kambiz Aftassi, VP-
Sales and Marketing: 500-25,000 lbs. Sizes: . 5-oz.
To major: hair care, skin care and detergent CM capacity: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Inopak 07456, 24 Lynwood Executive Avenue, New Jersey :(973)962-1121 Fax: (973)962-0811 E-
Postage: inopak @ Warwick.
Net website: www. inopak@warwick.
Net year: 1989 officials: President John courtesy;
Vice President Nick Disaro
Carol forth, branch of marketing and sales coordinator: Linwood operations, New Jersey: transferable dimensions: transferable certifications: FDA, USDA Specialty: antimicrobial agents;
No water CM function: C, LC, A, Al, LH Intercon 1100 Central Industrial Drive St.
Contact number: (Louis 63110, Missouri)314)771-6000 Fax: (314)771-
6608 website: www.
Chemical Industry.
1982 officers: James.
President Epstein; Jane Lavey, VP;
VP Runs James Hynes: long or short size: 4-oz.
S. Department of Agriculture Specialty: Product development, start-ups, cleaners and private care J.
Palazzolo Son, 36 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park, New York, 11040 Tel :(516)775-Fax 0220/0221 :(516)328-
9789: 1898 officials: Joseph.
Palazzolo, President professional: fine perfume CM capability: Blairstewn, NJ, LC James alexand845, 94 07825 Road, NJ :(908)362-9266 Fax: (908)362-5019 E-
Mail: info @ j. ames-alexander.
Website: www. james-alexander.
Com officer: Specialties esca Fazzolari, President Specialties: CM capabilities: 115 Neville Road, Al, C, LC, L, LH, Po James AustinO.
Box 827 Mars, PA 16046-0827 Tel: (800)245-1942 Fax: (724)625-3288 E-
Postage: hgaustin @ jamesaustin.
Website: www. jamesaustin.
1889 officials: President Harry Austin III;
John Austin, vice president Article 1: NC, operation of Florida: negotiable specifications: negotiable certcertificates: Euro cm features: aluminum, LC Jason natural products 3515 Eastham drive foshi, CA 90232 Tel :(310)838-7543, ext. 125 Fax: (310)253-
9580 website: www. jason-natural.
Com just played 115 W. 29th St.
New York, NY 1100 B suite 10001 Tel :(212)367-9595 Fax: (212)367-74447 E-
Postage: justhvfun @ aol.
1997 officials: President Sydra Miller;
Mira Solomon, vice president: all numbers
Available features: product creation and development of young people and young people in the early stage
CM capabilities: C, LC, L, Po JusTins Ltd.
1505 winnymor Road, Fort Washington, PA 19034 Tel :(215)283-9292 Fax: (215)283-9494 E-
Email: Sales @ justinsltd
Website: www. justinsltd.
Year of establishment of Com: 1983 officers: Ken Olsho, marketing director, King Street, p k KolmarO.
Port 1111 is really good, NY 12771 Tel :(845)856-5311 Fax: (845)856-
Established in 2203: 1921 officials: President and CEO of California, New York and 10 international offices John hueson: 2000
4000 kg certification: EPA, FDA Professional: CM capabilities for cosmetics, toiletries, household products and medicines: po L Labtec cosmetics, 459 Bath Road, elkgrove village, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, IL 60007 Tel :(847)593-2100 Fax: (847)593-
2240 website: www. labtec-cosmetics.
Year of establishment: Marzena A. 1979 officers
President Savas: 1000-100,000 size :. 5-oz.
1 gallon certification: EPA major: skin care, bath care, toiletries, body packing lady Burd exclusive private label cosmetics 44 Executive Avenue.
Tel: (11735)631)454-0444 Fax: (631)454-0445/0446 E-
Email: ladyburd @ ladyburd
Website: www. ladyburd.
Year of establishment: 1969 CEO Roberta Bode; Allan Burd, VP;
Larry Bird, an engineering firm: Boca Raton, Florida; Miami, FL; New York, NY;
CA La Jona Runs: 12 PCs to millions of specialties: color cosmetics, powder printing, spaproducts CM capabilities for skin handling: al, C, LC, LH, L, Po pa Lechler Laboratory Co. , Ltd.
100 red School Road, Chestnut Ridge, New York 10977 Tel :(845)426-6800 Fax: (845)426-
Established in 1515: 1952 officials: Martin Merrick, presidential campaign: 1,000-50,000 Sizes: . 25 oz. -16 oz.
Features: Cosmetics, creams, lotion CM features: C, LC, L Lenco soap 84
Warren, RI 02885 Tel :(401)410-0063 Fax: (401)410-0065 E-
Message: info @ lencosoap
Website: www. lencosoap.
Year of establishment: 2001 officials: President Lawrence Kochi;
Patricia Mullen, vice president of production and technology: 500-
500,000 bars in levid, Inc.
Chatsworth, Mason Avenue, 9200, CA 91311 Tel :(800)327-2012 Fax: (818)341-
3840: 1973 Vice President Vlad Weinstein;
Robert Pike, senior vice president;
Roz Feldman, vice president of private label operations: 5,000-
100,000 unit certification: EPA, FDA major: liquid and cream CP capability: Al, C, LC, LH, L Libi lab 1700, 94710 Sixth Street, Berkeley, California :(510)527-5400 Fax: (510)527-8687 E-
Mail: info @ libbylabs.
Website: www. libbylabs.
1959 officials: Susan Libby, President: 100-
Size 100,000: 1/4 ounces. to 55 gal.
Certification: EPA, FDA Professional: CM capability for custom product development: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa Liquid Packaging LLC 9300 SSangamon St.
Chicago IL 60620-2788 Tel: (773)341-7700 Fax: (773)341-
7750 website: www. liquidpacllc.
Com established Year: 2004 operation: variable size: variable certification: FDA, EPA major: liquid M. C. I.
Contact number: (Zip code: 11803)516)822-1561 Fax: (516)822-
Established in 1584: 1990 officials: Michael Zutler, executive. VP; Roy Ross, VP;
Bruce Zutler, President certification: EPA major: body powder, lipstick, cologne perfume, deodorant, cosmetic pencil CM capabilities: A, Al, Po MJ.
Rapoport & Company, Inc.
899 Illinois State Avenue. , Ste.
Tel: (IL 440 Northbrook 60062)847)272-7300 Fax: (847)272-7920 E-
Mail: info @ mjrapoport.
Website: www. mjrapoport.
1992 officers: Michael J ·
Rapoport run: 5000 and up sizes: liquid: 2 ml to bulk;
Powder: 2 gm to bulk certification: EPA, FDA Professional: CM capability for aerosol, liquid, powder, tablet, towel and sticky material: a, Al, C, LC, LH, L po Malco Products Co. , Ltd.
361 splendid avenue.
Tel: (OH 44203)330)753-0361 Fax: (330t 753-
2025 Website: www. malcopro.
Com year of establishment: 1953 officers: Stuart Glauberman, Jay Glauberman, Jerry Arth run: 25,000 units, 1 ounce
EPA specialty: CM capability for household cleaning products and automotive aftermarket chemicals: Al, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Mana Products Co. , Ltd. 32-
02 Queen island, BoulevardLong, NY 11101 Tel :(718)361-2550 Fax: (718)786-3204 E-
Postage: Mana @ manaproducts.
Website: www. manaproducts.
Communications officer: Mouyiaris Nikos certification: OTC Marcy Laboratories, Inc.
Tel: (IL 60185 4n2 15, Powis Road, West, Chicago)630)377-6655 Fax: (630)377-
1262: 1963 officials: Larry H. Murison Sr.
Larry H. murson, Jr. , Merrily B.
Murison run: 5 m-
5 million size: small bottles to 32-oz.
Features: Superior perfume CM capabilities: Al, LC, C. Marietta Corp.
1055 Parsippany Avenue.
Parsippany, NJ 07054 Tel :(973)263-2402; (800)999-2402 Fax: (973)263-1236 E-
Postage: Shane @ mariettacorp.
Website: www. mariettacorp.
Com: 1977 president and chief operating officer Rick Bloom; Ron DeMeo, VP-
Marketing and Sales: Cortland, NY;
MS certification: gmp, FDA major: bulk manufacturing, retail filling, contract packaging, soap, unit of use.
CM capabilities: C, LC, LH, L, Al Marvell packaging
490 route 46 East Fairfield, NJ 07004 Tel :(973)882-4484 Fax: (973)882-
Established in 8338: 1909: Barry Berman, Richard Taixi and Stasi Storch run: 1,000-
1,000,000 certification: FDA major: CM competence in personal care and chemistry: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po, Al Medicia Corp. /M-
Flex 2351 Route 130, P. O.
Box 1015 Dayton, NJ 08810 Tel :(732)438-3200 Fax: (732)438-1536 E-
Email: Sales @ medicia.
Website: www. medicia.
1975 officers: Fred van Lei Hill, presidential campaign: 5000-
10,000,000 size: 0. 25-fl. oz. -1 gal.
Certification: FDA specialty: CM capability for cosmetics, OTC, hair care, packettes sampling program: Al, C, LC, LH, L,
Continental Packaging Co. , Ltd. 1200 N. 54th St.
Contact number: (Enid, OK 73701)888)234-5200 Fax: (580)234-5275 E-
Mail: help @ midcontinue pkg.
Website: www. Midcontinue pkg.
1992 officials: President Mark Epstein;
Steve Epstein, vice president: S.
Kearny operation, New Jersey: Varied
Shift size: liquid: 1/2-oz to bulk;
Dry: 6g to supermarket certification: EPA, FDA, GMP Professional: consumer goods, liquid and dry, instant tablet/powder capacity: l, LC, Po, tableting, table/fill/seal and stand-
Pochmilbar laboratory, No. 20 Commercial Street
East Haven CT 06512 Tel :(203)467-1577 Fax: (203)467-1573 E-
Email: milbarlabs @ aol
Year of establishment: 1988 Contact: Gus Bezas run time: 5 M-
Monthly mm size: 1/2 ounces-32 oz.
Certification: EPA, FDA major: low pH lotion, CM capability of dermatology products: C, LC, LH, LPack LLC 8372 N
Tel: Steven Road, Milwaukee (WI 53223)414)760-9000 Fax: (414)760-9900 E-
Mail: michaelk @ Morepack.
Website: www. multi-pack.
Year of establishment: Michael Kryshak, President: 1999 officials;
Peter melquio, CEO
Engineering dbetts, Engineering;
Mark Slane, purchasing company;
Sandy Burkhalter, sales company;
Michelle Dinnauer, quality assurance operation: from pilot to production size: several hundred to several million certifications: EPA, FDA Professional: wipes, jar, patch, single LENGTH ability Texas State Dallas Denton Avenue 13525, 75234 Phone :(800)433-6392; (972)241-9665 Fax: (972)243-
9072 website: www. Naterra.
Com professional: Cosmetics liquid, lotion, cream, gel, cosmetics, otc cm function: C, L National Chemistry 401 N10th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123 Tel :(215)922-1200 Fax: (215)922-5517 E-
Mail: natchem @ ixnetcom.
Website: www. nclonline.
Com year of establishment: 1958 officials: Harry Pollack: 500 gallons in size: quart, 1/2 gallons. , 1 gal. , 5 gal.
Certification: EPA professional: Wholesale Club packaging, display type packaging CM capability: LC, LH, Pa national purity LLC 434 Lakeside Avenue.
Contact number: (Minni Abaris, MN 55405)612)672-0022 Fax: (612)672-0027 E-
Mail: sspillane @ National purity.
Website: www. nationalpurity.
1924 officials: President Sean speland; Roy Campen, VP-
Sales and marketing department: Britt, IA Runs: all sizes: all certifications: EPA, FDA specialty: soap, detergent, liquid and powder company.
Tel: (1610) 30043 spectrum driver in Lawrence Ville, Georgia770)513-1610 Fax: (770)682-7492 E-
Postage: natureclean @ mindspring.
Website: www. naturecleaninc.
1994 officers: Cindy Lou Farley, President; Robert G.
Deputy chairman Farley branch: Lawrence Ville, Georgia: 250 gal. -
Truck size: 2-oz. -55 gal.
Drum features: makeup water, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shower gelNFI contract manufacturing 1515 08003 Jiao Mill Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey (Tel :(866)219-7450 Fax: (856)857-1745 E-
Mail: info @ nfiindustries
Website: www. nfiindustries.
Com\'s establishment year: 1932 key personnel: Sid Brown, CEO\'s specialty: household cleaners, personal care, cosmetics Nice-
Pakistan Products LimitedTwo Nice-
Olangburg Park, New York 10962-1376 Tel: (845)365-1700 Fax: (845)365-1729 E-
Postage: msherman @ nicepak.
Website: www. nicepak.
Com year of establishment: 1957 officials: Zachary Julius, president of the agency department;
President John Culligan, consumer;
Jonathan Kupperman, president of medical and contract packaging branch: Mooresville, IN; Flint, Wales;
UK: 350,000-
Million size :. 05 gram-l-oz. , 1-
220 wet wipes certification: EPA, FDA, ISO 9001 professional: Towel, wet wipes CM features: foil bag, bathtub, can, flying bag, re-sealed travel bag North American JayPak
100 Wildi Street, Farmingdale, East, New York, Tel: (11735)631)843-0230 Fax: (631)843-0232 E-
Email: najaypak @ yahoo
Website: www.
Jaypak in North America
Year of establishment: 1981 officials: Jay Factor, President: 12-
1 million size: 1/8-to 4-oz.
Specialty: nail polish, liquid filling, cream, lotion CM ability: LC;
Liquid North laboratory 4701 castcast Street
Tel: (Manitowoc, WI 54220)920)684-7137; Fax: (920)686-4196 E-
Mail: htwiss @ northernlabs
Website: www. northernlabs.
Com run: variable size: 2-oz.
To the waterwheel certification: US Environmental Protection Agency, FDA, ISO 9001: 2000 features: CM function for contract manufacturing: aluminum, C, LC, LH, L, Pa northwest cosmetics laboratory, ID 200 Idaho Falls LLC 83401 technology drive phone :(208)522-6723 Fax: (208)522-
6746 website: www.
Northwest Aerospace Laboratory
Com Official: Managing partner Doug Rooney;
Josh Benson, R & D manager. ;
Wendy Reese, QA manager;
Chief Operating Officer Bill Hynes: 5,000 minimum certification: FDA, TGA, health benefits Canada, Cox O Occupational Center 301 Cox St.
Ross 07203, New Jersey Tel :(908)241-7200 Fax: (908)241-
Founded in 2025: Mark Lasky, President and CEO, 1959 executives;
Steve telbaum, VP-
Operation and factory of MGM.
Certification: FDA Professional: Display Assembly and loading, shrink packaging, all types of assembly work Oliver products company 445, northwest Grand Rapids, MI 49504-5298 Tel: (800)253-3893/(616)456-1447 Fax: (616)913-
9392 website: www. oliverproducts.
Year of establishment: 1890 key personnel: Steve Croft, business director;
Ed Burmeister branch, senior product and process development engineer: Venray certification, Netherlands: ISO 9001 Olympic mountain 22627 85 Pl. So.
Tel: (WA) 90831 Kent253)850-2343 Fax: (253)850-
Established in 3545: 1984 officials: President Jeff Stice;
Kelsey Yee, sales and marketing branch: Tukwila Specialties, Washington State: tube filling, candles, plants, bath salts, lotions, CM capabilities for imported goods: Al, C, L orlan
131 executive Avenue
Farmington, New York 11735-4719 Tel: (631)756-0110 Fax: (631)756-0256 E-
Mail: Message @ orlandi-usa.
Website: www. orlandi-usa.
Official: Vincent T.
Penna, vice president of sales;
Dell bar, vice president of marketing: Perfume and cosmetics sampling, fragrance retail products, contract packagingJ.
89 Bridge Street
Lancaster, NH 03584 Tel :(800)522-2469 Fax: (603)788-3873 E-
Mail: Message @ pjnoyes.
Website: www. pjnoyes.
Year of establishment of Com: David Hill, president and CEO, 1868 executives;
Vice President Dennis Wogaman
Jeff Gill, sales and marketing manager;
Carol cardenar, quality control manager;
Leonard boranger, material manager
Production manager Kevin inkane: small-
Medium size: various certifications: FDA/EPA specialty: Cream, ointment, lotion, compression tablet CP capability: advantages of bottle, tank, tube, bag, C, LC, LH, L packaging 4633 Donnie Road.
Los Angeles, CA 90058 Tel :(323)589-8181 Fax: (213)771-
Established in 1469: 1958 officers: John Philip, CEO/President; Don Gorton, VP-operations;
Chief operating officer Patrick Novak
Vice President Vince Pizanisales; Emy Celis, VP-finance;
Michael Bell, CFO branch: Los Angeles (plant); Mt. Laurel, NJ (sales office)
Negotiable size: 1-oz. to 1-
Tank van certification: FDA, EPA, ATF specialty: CM capability for OTC and personal care products: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa packaging concept 4925 Park Ridge Avenue.
Contact number: (FL 33426 Boynton Beach)561)364-0014 Fax: (561)364-
1480 website: www.
Concept of packaging.
1992 officials: President Philip meschberg; Dr. Edwin I.
Victz, vicepresident run: 10 M size: 0. 5-, 1. 0-, 2. 0-ft. oz.
Mpaks certification only: us fda, EPA features: Oriental Wood, personal care CP capabilties: aluminum, LC, suite at 911 NW 209th Street, LH packaging and resources 110 Pembroke Pine Forest, FL 33029 Tel :(954)443-2929 Fax: (775)514-1096 E-
Mail: bellres @ bellsouth.
Net website: www. packres.
Year of establishment: 1999 officers: Juan G ·
Vice President of Packard, Arenas29165 S.
Tel: (IL 60617 Chicago Harbor Avenue)773)221-7300 Fax: (773)221-7316 E-
Email: Sales @ paketcorp
Website: www. paketcorp.
Year of establishment: 1957 officials: Mark K.
President O\'Malley; Mike Hintz,VP-
Manufacturing Branch: Chicago, IL Run: tubes and bags;
Area: 110,000 square meters. ft.
Certification: FDA, EPA major: Pangolin organic die-cut bag and plastic pipe, 5660 boulder, Central Avenue, CO 80301 Tel :(303)413-8493; (877)679-5854 (toll-free)Fax: (303)437-4479 E-
Email: Joshua @ pangotus
Website: www. pangeaorganics.
Year of establishment of Com: 2001 officials: Joshua Scott oncorso, CEO branch: Boulder, Co-operation: 55 gal--liquids min.
Minimum size: 1 oz 500 bar.
Bar and bottle-drums (55 gal)
Features: organic, natural, spice-free body care and soap
Contact number: No. 6, Des Moines, 2728 IA 50313 (515)280-9445 Fax: (515)280-
Established 7600: 1958 officers
Halterman, certified President and Treasurer: FDA major: leaf soap/Bath scraps;
Soap leaves and distributors for commercial and industrial use;
Mixing CM capability for small liquid and dry packaging: LC, Po Paramount cosmetics
93 Entin Read #4 Clifton, NJ 07014 Tel :(973)472-2323; (800)522-9880 Fax: (973)472-
5005, Email: Sales @ paramountcosmonics.
Net website: www.
Lover cosmetics.
Cyber official: President sford Salzburg;
Alice Barsa certification, sales director: fda pdq Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
71 Davis Street
Elijie, GA 30540 Tel :(800)248-2401 Fax: (706)636-1849 E-
Mail: info @ pdqonline.
Website: www. pdqonline.
Year of establishment: 1987 officers: Walter C. Drost Jr. , sales; Walter C. Drost Sr.
President: 2000 pounds and up dimensions: various certifications: EPA specialty: Powder/solid, liquid, paste CM capabilities: LC, Po, LH, Pa Pestco, Inc.
290 Alpha Avenue, RIDC Industrial Park, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 Tel :(412)252-5200 Fax: (412)252-
1010 officers:.
FL 3407 guide Bay Road plant city Zlotnick pH 7 33563 Tel :(813)752-7851; Fax: (813)719-6418 E-
Mail: info @ ph7usa
Website: www. ph7usa.
1998 officials: Catherine Walsh, president;
Amy mcnati, vice president: minutes. 5 gal.
, Negotiable CM capability: Norfolk Avenue, Al, C, L, LC, Pharmasol 1.
Tel: (MA 02375 South Easton)508)238-8501 Fax: (508)238-0105 E-
Postage: wendybadia @ pharmasol.
Website: www. pharmasol.
1972 officers: Fred J. Badia, CEO; Marc L.
Badia, vice president and general manager: 25,000 people per class;
Operation with small size in mind: up to 8-oz.
Certification: EPA, FDA Professional: aerosol and non-aerosol
Aerosol personal care and pharmaceutical CM capabilities: A, Al, LC, LH, C Phyzz, Inc.
Cincinnati OH 8506 Market Plaza Lane 45242 Tel :(513)891-2600 Fax: (513)891-2833 E-
Email: phyzz @ phyzz
Website: www. phyzz.
Year of establishment: Alan Lawu, president, with 1998 officials;
Linda Cornell, vice president
Marketing features: bubble bath products, bubble home products, customized product development, bubble fragrance products
2030 Old Candler Road
Gainesville, GA 30507 Tel :(770)534-0300; Fax: (770)535-
8132 website: www. piedmontlabs.
Com year of establishment: 1985 officials: Jeffrey Thornton, general manager: 10,000-
Dimensions 10,000,000: 1-oz.
To track car certification: EPA, FDA Professional: Barrier package, Post
Capacity of foaming gel CM: A, Al, LC, LH Plenish 1008 S.
Tao si, 221 Pueblo Road, NM 87571 Tel :(505)737-0732; Fax: (505)758-8207 E-
Mail: plenish @ laplaza
Organization officials: Krysia Boinis and Greg Martin, bosses;
Kristine Keheley, sales director, PlutoO.
Box 391 French Lick, contact number at 47432 :(812)936-9988; Fax: (812)936-2828 E-mail: Alan.
Friedman @ plutocorp.
Website: www. plutocorp.
1963 officials: Alan J.
President Friedman;
Dennis Kaiser, vice president and factory manager, two factories in Lick, France, size: 4-oz. -
Gallon certification: EPA professional: bottled liquid household products; bottles in-house;
The company also blows-
Mold HDPECM function: LH polyscience LC Al, 400 Valley Road, Warrington, PA, PA 18976 Tel :(800)523-2575, ext. 120 Fax: (800)343-3291 E-
Email: wbaker @ polyscience.
Website: www. polysciences.
Com year of establishment: Michael Ott, President and CEO, 1961 executives;
Walter Baker, vice president and general manager operations: transferable dimensions: transferable certifications: FDA, ATF, EPA specialty: Tube fill CP capabilities: Al, C, LC, LH, L
520 South Street.
07027, galwood, New Jersey Tel :(908)233-0345 Fax: (908)233-2725 E-
Quote: Dick @ pride,pak.
Policeman: Richard. Lant;
Roger Salvati running: Sprint filling (250-5,000)
Professional: assembled packaging-out;
Technical Inspection & rework process technology & packaging company
Pittsten, 160 business Road, PA 18640 Tel :(570)654-5713 Fax: (570)654-5475 E-
Email: proctech @ yahoo
Website: www. protechandpack.
Year of establishment of Com: 1993 officials: President Edward cowsmeyer: negotiable size: negotiable certification: FDA, PA Department
Health CM capacity: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Q qu4600 Park Ave.
Contact number: (50321)800)334-4514; (515)243-3000 Fax: (515)282-
Established in 1417: 1974 officials: president Dick Downing: 5000-
10 million size: liquid1/4-oz, to 5 gal; powder-l-oz, to 10 lbs.
Certification: EPA, FDA Professional: CM capabilities for health and beauty aids, medicines, home products, difficult recipes, sticky creams and ointment: al, C, LC, LH, L, Pc boquis Industrial Co. , Ltd. 5420 W.
140 OH 44142 Street, Cleveland :(216)267-8989 Fax: (216)267-8998 E-
Postage: Max @ quesinc.
Website: www. quesinc.
Year of establishment of Com: 1983 officials: Quent Meng, president Runs: 1-
1,000 size: 1 gal-5,000 gal.
Certification: EPA, ISO 9001 professional: CM capability for water treatment, industrial and institutional cleaners: LC, Po Quest Chemical Corp.
12255 FM 529 North Woods Industrial Park West Houston, TX 77041 Tel :(713)896-8188 Fax: (713)896-8644 E-
Mail: info @ questchemicalcorp.
Website: www. questchemical.
1982 officers: President Carl Hubble;
Tom Culp, vice president: 50-10,000 cases (aerosols)
Certification: EPA professional: CM capability for industrial and cleaning products: A, lc r Raani Corporation 5401 West 65 St
Tel: (L 60638 Bedford Park)708)496-8025 Fax: (708)496-8906 E-
Mail: genef @ raanicorp
Website: www. raani.
Year of establishment of Com: 1983: Tehsel Dheliwal, CO0; Dr. Eugene M.
Frank, senior vice president of sales and marketing;
Mike la joy, director of sales and marketing;
Bob Brown, National Sales ManagerRuns: 5000-1MM+ Sizes: 1-oz.
S. Food and Drug Administration: National hair care (
Relaxation, Styling assistance)
, Antisweat and deodorant stick, cream, lotion, gel, skin care, bath care, sunscreen CM features: C, LC, LH, L, Pa Renu Labs
1836 Stout Drive, building.
5 Ivyland, PA 18974 Tel :(215)675-LABS (5227)Fax: (215)442-7548 E-
Email: renulabs @ aol
Website: www. renulabs. com; www. skinrenu.
Com operation: 500 specialties: CM function of skin and body care products with private label: C, LC, LH, L Rose lab
Contact number: (168 Cottage Road, CT 06443)203)245-1210 Fax: (203)245-7317 E-
Postage: rozsated @ hotmail.
Website: www. roselabs.
President: Ted Rozsa;
Certification: FDA Professional: Arnie Margolis, vice president of suppository, cream, ointment, liquid Royal chemical
Tel: (OH 8679) Macedonia highway 44056330)467-1300 Fax: (330)468-
1289 website: www. royalchemical.
Year of establishment of Com: 1938 officials: Bill Stark, executive vice president and chief operating officer, factory located in: Oh Macedonia;
Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dallas, TX; Gardner, KS;
Hayward, California: 300 miles. to bulk (liquid); 3000 lbs. + (dry)Sizes: 4-oz. to bulk (liquid); . 5 lbs to bulk (dry)
Certification: ISO 9002;
EPA specialty: Detergent, detergent, chemical compound CM function: natural skin care company, Royal Laboratory, Po, A1, LC, LH, L
3609 River RoadO.
Contact number of SC 22434 Charleston 29413 mailbox :(800)760-7779 Fax: (843)559-7542 E-
Email: Message @ royallabs.
Website: www. aromabella.
Year of establishment: 1984 officers: Paul M.
The President; Peggy I.
Vice President Li Bo: 5-
50,000 gallons: 1,000 PCs-
500,000 certification: FDA registration, Department
Agricultural registered Rozelle Cosmetics Co. , Ltd.
Tel: (VT 4260) 05874 Westfield loop802)744-2270; (800)451-4216 Fax: (802)744-2236 E-
Email: Sales @ rozelle
Website: www. rozelle.
Com year of establishment: 1968 officials: Marielle Demuth, President: 1000-
Size 50,000: 1/4 ounces.
To 50 gallon certification: FDA major: color cosmetics CM capability: Elmsford, Warehouse Lane, laboratory 4, March, Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po S San, NY 10523914)592-3130 Fax: (914)592-
Established in 5373: 1975 officials: President Marvin burkrott;
Irwin Silverberg, Vice President;
Frankenner, executive vice president: 5000 units.
/Cans and bottles; 8000 pcs. /Tube size: 0. 1-oz. to 5 gals.
Certification: EPA, FDA specialty: CM competence for therapeutic skin care, hair care and OTC drugs: C, L, LC Schmit Laboratory5837 S.
Oakley, Chicago, IL 60636-1524 Tel: (773)476-0072 Fax: (773)476-
7750: 1972 officials: Robert G ·
Schmit, President\'s business: Any Size: certification from small to large: FDA, EPA major: National hair care CM capabilities: Al, C, LC, LH, L Sciarra Labs485-
09 the place behind South Broadway, NY 11801 Tel :(516)933-7853 Fax: (516)933-7807 E-
Mail: sciarralabs @ att
Net website: www. sciarralabs.
1986 officials: John J.
President Sciarra;
Vice President Christopher Sciarra: 5,000-100,000 (negotiable)Sizes: 15ml-
240 ml certification: FDA Professional: metering inhalation-aerosol;
Topicalpharmaceutical/gels, foams CM capabilities: A, Al, LC, L, Po Seatex Corporation 6325 Hearst strathon, TX 77008 Tel :(800)829-3020 Fax: (713)863-9240 E-
Mail: Sales @ seatexcorp
Website: www. seatexcorp.
1968 officials: David Jacobs, president;
Sales arm Kelly Alines: Houston, Texas: 4000. (powders); 5000 gals. (liquids)
Size: negotiable certification: EPA, NSF, ul cm features: C, LC, Po Sedtek 60 Honeck St
Englewood, New Jersey 07631 Tel :(201)568-7833 Fax: (201)568-0742 E-
Mail: info @ sedtek
Website: www. sedtek.
Year of establishment: 1905 officials
President Dank; R.
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