Commissioned cosmetics manufacturers why generation process, must attach importance to research and development strength?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Why said entrust cosmetics manufacturers to do the processing, must attach importance to research and development strength? Here are some cheated customers summed up experience and lessons:
many domestic cosmetics OEM factory, let a person dazzling, there will be some middlemen posing as manufacturers, because they are familiar with factory production processes, and plant resources, so often in the name of the factory in external form, and then place the order to the factory make the difference. So middlemen prices tend to be high, at the same time, also difficult to guarantee quality, the intermediaries or deceptive factory has the following characteristics
11. No laboratory
the factory from other laboratory is commonly step-by-step production factory to buy back some recipes, no innovation ability, so the factory for three years, five years is to produce the same formula of the product, in the intense competition s, apparently no matter from quality, innovation, and don't have competitive advantage on the price.

cosmetics factory owns advanced professional equipment laboratory and plant development center
22. Lab but no research and development ability,
some cosmetics factory have laboratory, but there is no research and development team, they have engineers, but the engineers also just can simple analysis to buy back formula, step-by-step for production, real r&d staff should has the ability to research and development new formula, creative, rather than simply read the existing match Fang Chan. No solid research and development ability and innovation ability, this factory is not far.

cosmetics factory owns
33 doctoral level research and development team. Production workshop no relevant certification
cosmetics shop for production workshop requirements although there is no drugs so high, but the demand for cosmetics production workshop has gradually in to pharmaceutical production requirements, such as air content of impurity elements, exhaust drainage system should meet the national requirements, such as production workshop don't have to be big, but be sure to complete facilities. Focus on emission permits and GMPC certification is level.

cosmetics factory production workshop GMPC thousands level certification, with emission permits
44 in guangdong province. Companies don't have a clear list successful cases
a professional cosmetics OEM processing factory must for many brand products processing production, can look at the plant to which processed cosmetics brand, which can judge the credibility of the plant and the quality of products. Moreover is, others can do, we also can do, we can do, others Simon got
these are some customers tread & other; Pit & throughout; , sounds like is to pay attention to details, but it is these trivial details lead to lost hundreds of thousands of millions! So it is important to note that!

cosmetics factory can do far more than that, hope and more aspiring to create cosmetics brand. Cosmetics factory can give to the products definitely meet expectations.



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