Co-packer cosmetics, baiyun cosmetics town construction keep moving

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Cosmetics town signing ceremony held in baiyun district are wo street agency.

has more than 1700 cosmetics production enterprise of baiyun district, the city is planning to build cosmetics characteristic town. Wo street offices on March 4, baiyun district real estate group signed a contract with The Times characteristics of cosmetics town project strategic cooperation framework agreement, cosmetics town construction took his first step. Last November, cosmetics wholesale market first & ndash; — Xingfa square first phase transformation has been launched, baiyun district cosmetics industry usher in change.

baiyun district 1700 cosmetics enterprises existing

cosmetics special stone horse village and town planning location Yu Junhe street between lake village, west to summer flowers along the way, hetian avenue south, covers an area of about 3. 8 square kilometers, of which construction area of about 1. 8 square kilometers.

planning scope includes all wo street Luo Gang village and the village of stone horse village, qing lake. Cosmetics factory generation processing factory is located in Luo Gang village, look from the top of this area is a large blue iron tent, is a lot of high energy consumption low output & other; Home & throughout; 。 Local economic association industrial transformation and upgrading demand urgently.

baiyun district now has 1700 processing cosmetics production enterprises, accounting for forty percent more than the national cosmetics production enterprise, mainly distributed in baiyun district & other; Four street four town & throughout; ( Street, hushan street are wo street, golden harvest, cranes, taihe town, the people and the town and dragon street JiangGao Town, clock fall pond town) , the enterprise workshop & other; Small, scattered throughout the &; Phenomenon is very prominent.

in town are wo street, located in & other; Four street four town & throughout; Development center, this shampoo, cream, cosmetics category, such as dyeing hot, has the complete industry chain, forming generation process supplemented, the independent brand cosmetics production pattern. At present, there are 1 enterprises new three board, & other; On the four & throughout; More than two and a batch of high quality enterprise.

province hairdressing cosmetic industry association deputy secretary-general zhang told a little detail: although some processing enterprises is an international well-known brands of cosmetics manufacturers, but because of factory building and the surrounding environment is poor, rather than in the pearl river new town, and the price is set office building rent, also dare not to the customer to bring to the factory, so the roots baiyun cosmetics industry more than ten years of entrepreneurship, new will very intense.

although the town has not sand table design, but the construction & other; National or provincial cosmetics inspection test center & throughout; Has been included in one of the most important construction project. The move is baiyun district cosmetics production enterprise sustainable development in order to solve the problem of detection problem. In addition, the town is also planning to have financial fund village, research and development center, production facilities, such as brand launch center and talent apartment, living facilities, such as fashion district.

land purchase and storage to play & other; Combination & throughout;

are wo street agency director Guo Huihua thought, promote the baiyun district town in cosmetics to speed up the construction, the key is to deal with the land purchase and storage, the first is the land use right MoZha. Land purchase and storage will play & other; Combination & throughout; , state-owned land purchase and storage policy, city & other; Three old & throughout; Urban villages safety regulation reform policy, policy will adjust measures to local conditions combination.

are wo street, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with times property agreement within the scope of the latter to the small town planning stages of the ownership of the property, physical property users, property managers MoZha etc. , expects this process must be 3 months.

then, wo street, and then commissioned design team make a retrofit scheme, helps prepare control adjustment.

the town construction scheme after the two steps and then submitted to the city rules committee for consideration. Approval and then the corresponding three economic association signed with operating unit cooperation and compensation plan.

although the process is quite ado, are wo street of cosmetics are enthusiastic about small town construction, there are open road infrastructure ahead of schedule.
are wo street within the humanities relatively rich natural resources, have white sea wetland, gentle big bet, peach blossom park landscape, such as cosmetics, small town construction mode is not only a production park, integrating industry, culture, tourism, a new type of enterprise integration of production, living and ecological community.

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