choosing the best makeup remover that removes more than makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-17
Growing up without proper education on skin care, I am used to soap and water.
Wrinkles at age 23 are not fun.
This is not the age of aging;
This is an era of showing young and healthy skin.
I started doing research on skin care, but instead of reading and learning, I tried different things on the skin.
5 years after that, I know this is the wrong way.
The first thing anyone has to do is get to know their skin.
Some of the simple questions I have to ask myself are. . .
Is my skin dry, normal, mixed or oily?
How does my skin feel during the day? Evening?
What do I have to worry about my skin (
Acne, dry, too much oil, wrinkles)?
Once I get the answers to these questions, I have to find the skin care products that suit me.
This is where I am starting to learn about the different products for my skin and the right health care methods, what these products claim, and what they actually do to my skin.
I learned something along the way. . . 1.
Invest in quality skin care 2.
Get a good eye makeup remover 3.
Find a great skin care plan for my skin, my needs and budget.
Consistent when using skin care I understand that even if you don\'t make up, you still need a good cleaner to remove all the dirt and contamination that falls on our skin during the day.
I learned that it is as important for men to take care of their skin as for women.
I learned that the sooner you learn how to properly care for your skin, the healthier it will be.
There is a lot of information and education about skin care.
Cleaning is just one of the very important steps of the first step, but there is more. . .
I just tend to this because you have oily skin, which doesn\'t mean you shouldn\'t use good moisturizers.
I \'ve learned that most people have eyelash mites that actually spread very quickly if we can\'t wash our eyes properly from makeup and other things.
I understand how important it is to exfoliate.
Most importantly, I learned how to get high quality products at a very reasonable cost.
I learned all this from my Mary Kay beauty consultant.
I learned from her everything I wanted to learn about my skin.
I like the fact that if I have any questions about my skin or product, I can get answers from her instead of going to the store.
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