【 Chongqing 】 Lipstick processing factory found the right, don't think money is difficult!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Is what kind of lipstick processing factories, let pan with large water shield planting base, three years without regard to other manufacturers, must insist to the processing factory, a lipstick made five consecutive product processing? Pan 5 million pieces of processing the lipstick, moisturizing, moisturizing lotion, cream, repair and maintenance essence, cleansing 50000 bottles of each item. And every time he comes to factory inspection, the pan is firmly believe that the same lipstick processing factory, not much better than this one! Small make up for you now open this a mysterious lipstick processing factory.

category rapid rise of lipstick on the market, with the CCTV news reports fluorescence lipstick to bleach carcinogenic events, and adding hormone temporary quickly turned white, then form dependence dermatitis cause facial skin spots, thinning of the shrinking, chongqing pan found that consumers cognitive counterpart red, a plant, safety of lipstick on the importance of consumer is more valuable than the price of the lipstick. So be sure to find a have years of experience, professional to do the processing plant cosmetics manufacturers to do the lipstick.

pan always has its own planting base of large water shield, shield itself is also do product development, sales, so the counterpart red manufacturers selected requirement is very strict, when he came to cosmetics factory factory, learn deng always has 20 years of experience in cosmetics plant experts, and professional attitude to him about the formula of how to achieve the best stability and has the best effect, pan is very sure, cosmetics factory factory is the idea of the factory, he always wanted his believe cosmetics factory do processing lipstick, will further keep consumers, enterprises must make money.

pan lipstick in March 2016 to cosmetics factory processing factory made the first batch of products, because the product is one of the few on the market characteristics of plant products, so the sales leads. Pan after several times communication with lipstick cosmetics factory processing factory formula optimization, and very satisfied, then in June, September and November for the second batch, the third batch, the fourth batch of products, a total of 5 million pieces of processing lipstick, moisturizing, moisturizing lotion, cream, repair and maintenance essence, cleansing 50000 bottles of each item.

so, not only in May this year, May is the season of water shield bumper harvest) , pan also specially in spite of being very busy toglance to cosmetics factory factory, conclude a contract for the fifth time, continue to carry out the 5 batch of products processing.

why always so trust pan cosmetics factory lipstick processing factory? First pan is approved cosmetics factory research and development ability, because two of cosmetics factory deng always plant extract experts, 20 years in detail each formula research and development, or guangdong pharmaceutical university discipline senior engineer team leading cosmetics research and development, and team as well as a director of the guangdong food and drug administration, is whether the decision of cosmetics qualified system benchmarking. Both powerful natural plant research and development ability, and can grasp the standard of cosmetics, can ensure that produce the actual effect, with market competitiveness, have sold out of lipstick, lipstick is other factory do not.

second, pan appreciate cosmetics formula test and improvement of the ability of the factory. Lipstick cosmetics factory processing manufacturer of each product from the product research and development laboratory strictly controlled, do a good job in every product safety testing, efficacy evaluation and stability tests, and gives the corresponding report and result comparison chart, to ensure that all products are natural, safe and effective products.

third, pan attaches great importance to the cosmetics factory to control the quality of tracking services. Cosmetics factory production of all products to the regulation, all products are the only trace code, and if any link error, cosmetics factory all staff take responsibility, and is the manager to follow up the product after-sales service, the pan without worries, for pan fundamentally solves the consumer dispute on the quality of products. When the products of high quality, enterprise the credibility of word of mouth is set up, sales also naturally raised, pan total products on the market profits and natural double up.

4 is pan attaches great importance to the cosmetics factory value-added services. Because cosmetics factory manufacturer can provide high-tech enterprise qualification, ganoderma ginseng products such as invention patent, guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base of scientific research products, can be printed on the product packaging, to increase the total pan product competitiveness, improve product sales price, better improve the total revenue, pan also convenient pan product agent products, there can be a valuable propaganda and direction.

lipstick processing factory found the right, don't think money is difficult! Cosmetics factory lipstick plant household power tell you! Welcome to factory inspection, can transfer!

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