Chinese silk best lipstick industry OEM lipstick? Cosmetics factory to show you your answer

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-10-27
Chinese silk look OEM guangdong

in fact, said to the OEM market, China's silk lipstick had to guangdong.

guangdong, no matter from the position position, or the open policy, the silk lipstick OEM enterprises foster and support all have no substitute effect, therefore, guangdong has always been China's silk lipstick OEM production base and distributing center and logistics center, two-thirds of the nation's share. As the market sell like hot cakes category of lipstick, guangdong enterprises have already one step ahead, the processing from upstream, consumables, packaging, to the brand, to sales, covering the entire lipstick industry chain, radiation throughout the country and even overseas, drive the lipstick booming market in China.

the Chinese silk lipstick brand produced by the guangdong

in 2013 at the end of the year is beautiful to 51. The high price 500 million yuan bought by l 'oreal, let many people envy. And this day price also for guangdong brand is a name. Actually beauty is really worth it. The native brand occupies a lipstick a quarter of the market share in China, is located in the position of lipstick industry first. And its cooperation with l 'oreal, will create new brand image, successful international brand.

and beauty that is just & other; Guangdong department & throughout; One of the representative of both vertical and horizontal watsons Tibet safflower for many years, is a rising star & ndash; — Become beautiful, cottage MingYuan, thousand hundred grass, membrane fresh yan have come from family, magic & other; ” 。

but it is not by chance. Cosmetic market in China, guangdong manufacturers for more than a third of the country's brand OEM. And in the field of lipstick, this proportion is amazing. Cosmetics factory, BeiHao, Abel, jie bao, comely, north bay such as OEM generation of processing enterprises of the Chinese silk lipstick lipstick manufacturing, research and development of the half. Especially these manufacturers, there are a lot of has decades of production experience, in the research and development, production technology, equipment, talent has the incomparable advantage, moreover they also more exchanges and cooperation with Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other foreign enterprises share abroad the latest market trends, formulation standard, machinery and equipment. Guangdong silk lipstick OEM manufacturer production strength.

in silk lipstick OEM market, guangdong is the country's largest production base and excellent brand & other; Lucky & throughout; 。

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