Chinese cosmetics factory OEM status quo

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
The mnemonic for cosmetics factory OEM OEM production or OEM, this management pattern in the international has been operating for many years and effective. In the highly developed today, cosmetics enterprise in order to increase its resources in the configuration of the innovation ability, will be reduced as much as possible in the fixed assets investment, choose the way of OEM and customer need to pay the material cost and process cost, without having to bear the equipment depreciation and the risk of self-built factory and production management. So now China cosmetics factory OEM is a what kind of situation?

at present, the country has about 20000 cosmetics brand, but only about 3000 has a production capacity of cosmetics companies large and small. The vigorous development of cosmetics brand market of cosmetics factory OEM business prosperity. Data show that in 2015 China's cosmetics retail trade size close to 500 billion yuan, among them, the domestic cosmetics industry. By 2018, the scale will exceed 800 billion. In such a high amount of profits and attract huge market, in recent years, every year there are hundred new brand cosmetics, but not every cosmetics enterprise or brand from manufacturing plants of the genus, the vigorous situation for cosmetics factory of cosmetics brand OEM brought great business opportunities.

at the same time, more and more abroad a large number of famous cosmetics brand to enter the Chinese market, many international OEM giants, including Italy jade-like stone terri ( Intercos) , undergraduate, Han Guoke silk beauty poem, etc. Also have a factory in China in succession, make China become the global OEM production base. After China's entry into the world trade organization, a third of the global OEM business will transfer to China. More and more world famous manufacturers to shift production to China, that China is becoming a global industrial manufacturing plant.

from cosmetics factory OEM cosmetics factory, main production of skin care products ( Includes lipstick, cream, emulsion, essence, lipstick paste, paste is applied, etc. ) 。 According to website cosmetics factory, cosmetics factory has successfully achieved cooperation with hundreds of brands, providing quality services for them. And guangdong college of pharmacy cosmetic research center combining the core members, the introduction of high-tech supercritical extraction technology, intensify efforts to research and development of product innovation in the field of cosmetics, to ensure the best quality products.

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