Chest oil processing factory, cosmetics factory 20 years female engineering related research

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-26
Breast nursing should pay attention to, it is very urgent to mammary gland disease
in China, 76. 4% of adult women suffering from varying degrees of mammary gland disease, there are four out of every 10 adult women suffering from varying degrees of mammary gland disease, and the incidence of a disease is on the rise. The most destructive is breast cancer, as many as 200000 deaths from breast cancer each year in China!

the modern woman chest problem:

a, vice milk - - - Underarm has a lot of lymphoid tissue, lymph flow will cause the accumulation of toxin, a large number of metabolic waste can discharge can form vice milk, serious, President of the nipple.
b, nipple areola black - - - Qi and blood circulation is not smooth, poor metabolism, getting very prosperous, irritability.
c, stringy - - Poor metabolic functions, qi and blood stasis.
d, bosom flabby, outside enlarge - - Hormones to drop, chest, not enough nutrition, lactation, beat off milk needle,
e deficiency in protein, chest flat - - Stunted growth, poor circulation function, less fat, diet, genetic
f, nipple discharge milk - - Mammary duct expansion, breast duct papilloma, breast cystic hyperplasia, breast diseases such as breast cancer

love female mammary gland disease, urgent!
the chest/breast care market, consumers are more believe in herbal medicine nursing with the current media propaganda and reporting celebrities often be out because of the mammary gland disease to leave the line of sight of people, at the same time can often hear the shang friends relatives suffer because of mammary gland disease and stroke, there are a large part of the 済 ability and high cultural quality of women began to focus on the maintenance of the mammary gland, began in the prevention of mammary gland disease, it will be a population increasing trend of breast care products on the market right now also emerge in endlessly, when there are many businesses see the market opportunity and potential, adjustable effect is uneven, there are a large proportion of women in the process of maintenance too much flesh is not willing to suffer, also do not want to believe that some of the so-called western medicine treatment, more than ninety percent of women would choose Chinese medicine herb to raise herbs cosmetics factory advocacy of skin care products manufacturer, specialized in breast/chest care
/ chest breast care is not just a diet also need skin care products to promote open, better also does not have the side effects of medication. Cosmetics factory using natural plant active essence ingredients, through massage, warm with t2dm, dredge nodules, prevent lobular hyperplasia.
through stimulation of estrogen level in the body, make the youth to the development of the state of endocrine, make its natural development, again to the desired chest transdermal absorption of collagen, promote breast vacuoles absorb, expanded cells, fat cells active strength pectoralis major, the fullness of perfect chest type.

in postpartum confined breast care, cosmetics factory has helped hundreds of brand
is not only the general breast chest congestion, nodules, help perfect breast plump, cosmetics factory plant research and development of cosmetics factory is good at solve the problem of postpartum mother confined period without milk, because milk couldn't come because of mammary gland tube impassability, so need a huoxue help unclog the dredge function products, while the galactagogue effect only in the nipple and to suck out the milk make treasure mom very painful and difficult to out, because the mammary gland is a distance, with the help of dredge products and technique is easily achieve galactagogue effect.

20 years female cosmetics factory engineers, plant extract, formula development
like breast chest care, if not experience, junior and male engineer is difficult to research and development, which is why professional female skin care cosmetics factory, because the cosmetics factory is a female engineer, she will stand in the Angle of the women, and even is mom product designed for them, because the experience so much more to understand, and more than 20 years of plant extract experience and formula research and development experience, more let her become a plant research and development manufacturer, founder of the cosmetics factory, is dedicated to all women of the world, including pregnant women and postpartum mother to bring health, safety effect of skin care products.

20 years dedicated research and development of natural plant extract cosmetics factory, from season to season to launch new products, popular in beauty salon in the electricity and wechat business entity shop, has helped 1000 customers brand successfully listed, there are more than 9000 kinds of mature formula obtained customers widely recognized! In addition to the natural plant development system to ensure the quality, the customer's product development is established cultural products protection system, patent protection is increasing every year, the escort for customer product propaganda.

cosmetics factory owns 22 big plant patent, patent and the patent of small molecules of water equipment
products for clients escort
cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics research and development, production, sales and service in a body's high technology and new technology enterprise, and guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetic research center combining the core members, committed to the research and development of Chinese female skin, the introduction of high-tech supercritical extraction technology, natural plants and Chinese herbal medicine effective components used in cosmetics, natural plant professional cosmetics research and development, scientific and technological innovation, plant extracts, with ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, etc. More than 10 invention patents, the high-tech extracted supercritical extraction technology, the various effective natural plant ingredients used in cosmetics. Build a collection of product research and development, project services, information and communication in the integration of the natural plant research and development system, one-stop shop for customers to build in the high-end cosmetics brand.
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