chemical regulations: what is really in your makeup?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
Americans will spend more than $60 billion on cosmetics this year, but have you ever thought about all the chemicals that might be in your favorite product?
You may think that the US government will review the safety of all the lotions, creams, sprays and cosmetics you use, but that is not the case.
Now, lawmakers raised concerns and raised questions about possible risks and called on the FDA to intervene.
The last legislation to regulate the safety of cosmetics has passed nearly 80-years-
In the past, the cosmetics industry may now face more scrutiny in the United States. S.
As a new bill, the government will give more support to the FDA.
\"I really don\'t think about the products I use in the bathroom,\" Ally Cao, 18, from Berkeley, California, told ABC News, however, adding that she did \"have some concerns.
\"The FDA has only supervised 11 chemicals used in cosmetics.
Beauty products do not need to be tested for safety before they are put on the shelves.
Now, lawmakers and celebrities want to change the situation through legislation that requires the FDA to assess the safety of at least five chemicals every year and give the FDA the power to recall hazardous products.
Senator Diane van Stein (D-Calif. )
Susan CollinsR-Maine)
In a statement on the bill, they said a bipartisan legislation called the Personal Care Product Safety Act was introduced to protect consumers and streamline industry compliance.
\"From shampoo to lotion, personal care products are used very extensively, but there are very few protective measures to ensure their safety,\" Senator Feinstein said . \".
\"Europe has a robust system that includes consumer protection such as product registration and component review.
I am pleased to launch this bipartisan legislation with Senator Collins, asking the FDA to review the chemicals used in these products and provide clear guidance on their safety.
It has also been recognized by nearly 20 beauty brands and stars like gwynith Paltrow, who said in an email condensed support, \"consumers should know about them
\"ABC News wanted to see if our body really absorbed the chemicals we took every day.
We have studied two common chemicals: parab ester that can be used as a preservative and the controversial neighboring benzene ester that can be used to make the perfume last longer.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say low health effects
The exposure levels of these chemicals are \"unknown \".
\"The impact of environmental exposure to low levels of parab gold on human health is unknown, according to the CDC website . \".
After obtaining baseline measurements of chemicals in ABC News reporter Mary Bruce\'s system, she used only cosmetic products containing two chemicals, parab acid salts and neighboring benzene ester.
Then, within five days, she only used products that did not include these chemicals in her daily life, and completely deleted them.
ABC News collected urine samples at each stage of the experiment and sent them to the California Department of Health for review before meeting with the University of California
Results of Berkeley researcher Jin Harley.
When Bruce turned to use only products containing chemicals, the content of p-Ester in her system decreased from the baseline of 38 ug/g to 386 ug/g.
According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the average American woman has 23 ug/g.
When she gets low
The \"level of chemical products is basically straight down,\" Harley said \".
\"You got 6 [ug/g].
\"The same thing happened on phthal acid salts, from baseline at 87 ug/g to 284 ug/g to 45 ug/g.
The average female was 43 ug/g.
The personal care products Board told ABC News families that \"they can be assured that they are protected\" and manufacturers use \"the best science and the latest research\" to ensure safety before the product is put on the shelves.
\"Families who use cosmetics and personal care products can be assured that they are protected by federal security regulations in the United States
Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA)
Manufacturers are strongly committed to using the best science and the latest available research data to confirm the safety of cosmetics before they go public, \"Dr. Beth JonasD.
The chief scientist of the Personal Care Products Board told ABC News in a statement.
\"This commitment to safety is the cornerstone of the industry, and the company employs thousands of scientific and medical experts who work on human health and safety related to the ingredients used in products and products.
\"In a recent letter to Senator Van Stein, the FDA supported independent review and stricter safety rules, saying,\" compared to other products regulated by the agency, the FDA has far less legal authority to protect consumers from unsafe cosmetics.
\"If you\'re concerned that all of these products may contain chemicals in your system, the good news is that, as our own tests show, there are small changes, it can have a great impact in a short time.
Harley visited Cao to check the chemicals in the products she used every day.
\"I will tell you that the first thing to look for is the fragrance,\" Harley said . \".
\"Look for products with shorter ingredient lists and fewer chemicals that have the name you actually pronounce.
This will be a good start.
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