celebrities who look completely different without makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
No one is perfect, but makeup does help people look the best, and it is usually a must for celebrities.
Whether they use it to give themselves a brand new look, or just to enhance their natural beauty, some celebrities look completely different when they take everything off.
Today, we will count 30 celebrities who don\'t make up. they look beyond recognition for good or bad! 30.
Chelsea Handler woman Chelsea Handler has made millions laugh with her E! network late-
Chelsea\'s latest evening talk show has now started her own Netflix show. show, Chelsea.
She has never been afraid to open up on her show and talk about the feeling of getting older in the show industry.
The 44-year-old, like many celebrities, was forced to take drastic measures to change her appearance.
Photo: made up of actors, writers, TV hosts, producers and activists who never make anyone feel bad about her natural looks, and who is not afraid to show her true colors on social media.
In fact, she uploaded this funny selfie without makeup
On her Instagram.
It should be fun though, but she still looks great.
Her beauty can be shown without makeup. 29.
Demi LovatoThe talented woman Demi Lovato has always advocated physical positivity and self-esteem.
Love for a few years, she can be said to be the queen of no-makeup selfies.
In fact, she keeps showing us the beauty of her nature, she\'s even naked, no. makeup, and no-
Shoot photoshop with Vanity Fair and encourage all her young followers to love themselves and embrace their natural beauty.
Photo: \"This gives you the power to show other women that you can go to a place where you can overcome obstacles to your physical image problems, you can feel comfortable and confident about your skin, \"she said while filming.
The beautiful singer still loves make-up, especially on the stage, she looks pretty anyway! 28.
Nicki MinajRapper Nicki Minaj started her career with her super successful single super Bass, dressed in crazy costumes, colorful wigs and lots of makeup.
Now, she has put on her makeup.
Wise, just focus on making her eyes stand out with a thick black eyeliner.
Her clothes are not so gorgeous, too, but she always looks very charming.
Photo: Still, she is not afraid of makeup --
Free from time to time.
She was seen walking around several times in jeans and T-shirts.
Even some cosmetics were uploaded.
Take a free selfie on her Instagram account.
Like the example above, Nicki looks like her on-
When she doesn\'t put her makeup on the stage
But still young and beautiful.
She really doesn\'t need that perfect skin makeup, does she? 27.
It is undeniable that Tyra Banks is one of the most beautiful women on Earth.
After all, she was the first
The American woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit appeared gracefully.
After her impressive modeling career began, she walked on Victoria\'s Secret runway and later became the host of the next top model in the United States.
Photo: The beautiful model is known for her big eyes and she really can stand out without the need for makeup.
In fact, she\'s taking no-
Make up selfies from time to time and even do so with a sense of humor, as shown in the picture above: Although her expression is interesting and wide
She still looks super beautiful with her eyes open. 26.
Sharon Stone is no surprise. Sharon Stone started modeling before he became an actor.
Due to her role in Basic Instinct, she became an international symbol, not only because of her talent as an actress, but also because of her incredible beauty.
After 26 years, Stone still looks better than ever.
Can you believe she\'s 61 years old?
Photo: she usually uses makeup to make her beautiful blue eyes stand out and fill her thin eyebrows.
But in this makeup
Take a free selfie, she looks like she\'s not in the face, and she\'s doing a great job!
Her skin is flawless and looks 10 years younger.
At the age of 61, who didn\'t want?
She should show herself more often in a natural state because she looks very beautiful. 25.
Jessica Alba, beautiful Jessica Alba, to be honest, has not changed at all in 20 years.
Since she was the heroine of the TV series Dark Angel in 2002, she looks the same when she was only 19 years old.
Now 37, the beautiful actress looks better than ever, even without makeup, as shown in this article
She uploaded a fitness selfie to social media.
Photo: The beauty of lither nature helps, after exercise, still be able to stand out from the blurry, sweaty photos, while 99% of the world looks bad.
But Alba is not just a beautiful face.
In addition to proving that she is a talented actress, she has become one of the richest self in the United States.
When she founded her own Billion
Honest Company, dollar company.
Who doesn\'t want to exchange life with her? 24.
AnnaLynne McCordAnnaLynne McCord became famous in 90210 reboots in 2009 because of her acting skills and beauty.
In addition to acting and activists, she models for seventeen years old, the motto, Playboy and the world of women.
When it comes to her fight with acne, the blonde bomb has never been shy, something everyone has experienced.
Photo: out of the courtesy of the list, she showed her natural self on the camera many times to encourage her fans to be confident in their skin.
After all, who cares about a few pimples?
They certainly won\'t get in the way of her beauty and her successful Hollywood career, so why is this a problem for us mortals?
Her acne problem has even led her to a lucrative deal with BenzaClin, the company that sells acne products. 23.
In 2008, Lady Gaga released her hit single, the dance of justice, and quickly got on the charts.
Her fresh voice, wonderful voice, and crazy costumes made her stand out from the crowd.
Her costumes and make-up are getting crazy and she even wears a dress made entirely of meat, remember?
Photo: under all the makeup, wigs and uncomfortable shoes, there is a beautiful natural beauty.
Nowadays, her style is more low-key, and she makes her beauty shine.
She looks completely different. We like her very much.
Fans were shocked to see this makeup
Star shot for free, which makes everyone love her more. 22.
Even though the pictures look like Marilyn Manson and his mom, he is actually the one in both of them.
The singer is known for his controversial stage personality and Gothic Image, but that\'s all he has: image. The heavy-
The metal musician became famous for his dark black eyeliner.
White Foundation, crazy costume, black hair.
But when he was at home, he was just an ordinary man.
Photo: due to the courtesy of the audience, when the famous singer appeared in the TV series \"son of anarchy\", he had no signature dark expression, where he played white supremacist Ron ·
Most people don\'t recognize the star, and many think he looks like Nicholas Cage.
Seeing him differently is a fresh air that gives him the opportunity to show him more talent than to create music. 21.
A few years later, Taylor Swift changed from a country music enthusiast to a pop star and became one of the most popular performers of her time.
Over the years, she shook her long blonde hair, cut her hair, and began applying her signature red lipstick.
She has been rocking for so long and it is surprising to see that she does not have this style.
Photo: provided by the list but she looks very cute with no makeup.
In 2015, she uploaded this selfie with the words: \"I woke up like thissss (
I have a cat on me)
\"Then she deleted it.
Who doesn\'t want to wake up like this? !
She looks ready to take a picture of the magazine cover.
Also, we were very jealous that she had such a lovely kitten on her body when she woke up. 20.
It\'s not surprising to drag queen Paul to look completely different without makeup, because that\'s basically all the drag, but it\'s still shocking to see the talented singer and TV host not wearing makeup, no clothes, no wigs.
Can you recognize him if you see him walking down the street? Hard to say.
Photo: due to the courtesy of the person on the list, he will think that he can walk around without being identified, but since he usually uploads no-
His fans will recognize him in an instant.
Although he likes the glitz and glamour of dressing up (
And did a great job in this area)
He was very comfortable showing his real face and perfect skin.
By the way, can you believe he\'s 58? 19.
Eva LongoriaWe cannot list such a list, nor does it include the amazing Eva Longoria. The 44-year-
The old actress has been filming our TV.
Since she won her first major role in \"Young and Restless\" in 2001, she has been showing up on the screen.
Later, she became famous in the popular show \"Desperate Housewives\" and in-
List from then on.
Photo: It\'s not surprising that the Texas native was once a beauty queen.
In fact, she won the title of Miss Corpus Christi in the United States when she was in college in 1998.
This opened the door for her pursuit of modeling and acting.
The beauty of dark skin can of course be released by no-
Make up selfies on social media, and she often even goes out in public.
She does look different, but she is still beautiful. 18.
Zoe sadanazo Sadanah played her first important role at the crossroads with Britney Spears, and has gone a long way since then.
In 2009, she played Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek series and later Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy and other movies in Marvel\'s movie universe, so she
There is no doubt that in addition to acting, she is also known for the beauty of nature.
Photo: how could she not because of the list?
This woman doesn\'t need makeup at all.
She usually goes for a subtle look to show her beautiful brown eyes, but as this makeup proves, she doesn\'t even need --
The free selfie she uploaded to her Instagram, titled \"kes-
The actual situation \".
Through this description, she apparently tried to suggest that she looked bad, but no one in any galaxy bought it! 17.
Gwen Stephen Singh, songwriter, actress, record producer Gwen Stephen began to be the lead singer of the pop band No Doubtand and later began her solo career
Winning albumLove. Angel. Music. Baby. in 2004.
But since 1990, she\'s known for her platinum signature.
Golden hair and brightred lipstick.
Photo: the courtesy of ListIt is still to take a breath of fresh air to see 49-year-
Old beauty without makeup.
She does look very different, but she is still very beautiful.
She put this on.
On 2016, she woke up and took a free selfie on her Instagram account.
If anyone can wake up at 49 and look so beautiful, it\'s definitely Stefani. 16.
KeshaKesha is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling stars of the day.
When she got on the charts with her first major single, Tik Tok, she had a messy rock style that later evolved into a charming Hollywood style.
Her heavy makeup and long purple hair kept everyone holding their breath.
But there is also a beautiful star under all the makeup.
Photo: The famous singer\'s natural blonde curls and flawless skin without a little makeup made her look depressed
The dead are gorgeous, but completely different-almost impossible to recognize, in fact.
She usually hides her lovely freckles under heavy foundation, but we really like the look.
She should definitely check it out on the next album.
What do you think? 15.
Naomi waters, British beauty Naomi Watts, played an aspiring actress in David Lynch\'s psychological thriller, muhran Avenue, and later in
She is known for her short golden hair and beautiful face, and she usually wears red lipstick.
But it\'s really a pleasure to see that she doesn\'t make up.
Photo: Provided by star. The beautiful celebrity posted a photo of himself getting facial care before 2016 Academy Awards, oh my God: look at the skin!
Although she looks completely different without her signature red lipstick, she still looks like a movie star.
No matter where she does these facial treatments, they do a great job.
Nevertheless, we are sure that she will still look great without any treatment. 14.
In 1998, gwynis Paltrow made her debut in Shakespeare in Love, when she was only 26 years old and won an Oscar.
Since then, the beautiful actress has not changed at all.
At the age of 46, she looked better than ever and more elegant than ever before.
She usually makes delicate makeup and makes her eyes stand out with a black eyeliner.
Photo: provided by the list, she looks completely different and has no makeup but still pretty.
In fact, she looks younger like this!
When she uploads this no-she is not afraid to show her natural expression on social media
To celebrate her 44 th birthday, take a selfie on her Instagram.
She can be on the red carpet like that, can\'t she? 13.
Diane Kruger is absolutely impossible to believe that the disgraceful jerk actress Diane Kruger will not be bigger than a teenager.
But actually, this beautiful German blonde is 42 years old!
Since her debut as Helen in the epic war film Troy in 2004, she hasn\'t grown old for a day.
She looks younger without makeup.
No wonder she became a model in her teens.
Photo: provided by her list of welcome 2016 on social media with this amazing makeup --
Free selfies start with honest selfies.
The good way to start this year is: compared to her beauty, make everyone else in the world feel like a potato.
Her partner, Norman reduz, star of Walking Dead, is a lucky one! 12.
Lindsay Lohan has experienced ups and downs.
She grew up in the spotlight, made a big breakthrough in Disney\'s \"parents trap\" in 1998, and then in classic movies like \"mean girl\" and \"weird Friday\"
After some personal struggles, she left Hollywood a few years ago and made a comeback two years ago.
Photo: Provided by list when she Upload makeup --
On a trip to Turkey in 2015, one could not believe how beautiful she looked.
She usually hides her lovely freckles under her makeup, but that day she took them to the center stage while she was on the beach.
Her bright blue eyes are also hypnotized.
We hope to see her like this often! 11.
RihannaRihanna is one of the most beautiful humans on Earth.
No matter what she is doing, no matter where she is, she is always killing people.
To highlight her beautiful eyes, she usually makes up, especially now that she has launched Fenty, which is her own makeup collection and does a very good job.
But she can also shake the natural appearance.
Photo: The Diamond singer provided by the audience uploaded all this amazing-
Her Instagram natural selfie shook the world of the Internet.
Even a funny face won\'t make her look less amazing.
Some people can\'t hide their natural beauty.
No matter how much cosmetics we buy, we will never look as good as she is, that\'s the truth. 10.
Gigi hadigi hadide makes a living by showing her beautiful face and perfect body.
She signed IMG Models in 2013 and quickly became one of the most famous Models of the time.
Three years after her debut, she was named the international model of the year by the British Fashion Association.
She walked on the Victoria-era secret runway and appeared on the cover of fashion magazine.
Photo: The beauty of the star blonde beauty is undeniable, this makeup
The free selfie proves this.
We usually see her full makeup on the magazine cover and on the runway, so it\'s refreshing to see her in a natural state.
No wonder she\'s one of the top ten models in the industry with the highest revenue: She\'s absolutely amazing.
We would also love to see her model not make up. 9.
Carla Delvigne, a British model, singer and actress, started her modeling career in 2009 after signing a contract with Storm Model Management.
She soon became a part of the fashion industry.
And was named the best model of the year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012.
The beautiful blonde has appeared in fashion shows at companies such as Burberry, Chanel, sang mulberry, dujiabana and Wu Jigang.
Photo: The most prominent feature of lither is her thick eyebrows and she doesn\'t need any lining.
In fact, she doesn\'t need makeup for anything! The model-turned-
The actress never took herself too seriously and uploaded a lot of her stupid photos, but she managed to look beautiful.
Although she always looks amazing on model photos, we still like to see her own natural beauty. 8.
There is no doubt that talented Alicia case is one of the most gorgeous women in the music world.
The singer, who has no one, always embraces her natural beauty with only makeup, but in 2016 she vowed never to make up again.
It shocked many people, mainly because we were not used to seeing celebrities do so, but she explained her reasons in Lenny\'s letter.
Photo: provided by the list, she experienced a personal awakening while making up --
Free photos make her feel more free than before.
\"Because I didn\'t want to hide anymore, she explained her decision,\" she said.
Not my face, not my heart, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggle, not my emotional growth. Nothing. “7.
Cardi BRapper Cardi B became famous as an Instagram influencer, and later gained a place in the 2015 reality show Love and Hip Hop: New York.
By 2017, she has topped the rap world and made history.
But since her far-reaching days, she has always been very open to her physical image and self-image.
Respect and surgery.
She is never afraid to show her natural face to everyone.
Photo: although we usually see her with over-the-
The gorgeous rapper make-up, wig and costume, usually takes it to social media and leaves a message to her fans with little makeup.
She wants the world to know that under all the charm and makeup, there is a confident young woman who is not afraid to show her true natural beauty and we love her for it. 6.
Lucy halthe gorgeous Lucy Hale is not only known as Aria Montgomery from the pretty little scammer, but also one of the most lovely actresses in the world with the best eyebrows in the world.
She started with children\'s actors and played a secondary role in movies and TV shows before the big break. The 28-year-
The old actress is also a singer who released her first studio album, between Road, in 2014 at Hollywood Records.
Photo: gorgeous actresses usually Upload no-
Make-up selfies on her instagram show her natural beauty.
As she said in an interview, she tried to be as real as possible: \"The real person is not perfect;
They fell down and made a mess.
These are the kind of people I am looking forward to, and I have always wanted to be real.
\"All Halemakeup queen! 5.
Lori Loughlin American actress, model and producer Lori Loughlin is known for playing Rebecca Donaldson
Katsopolis was on ABC sitcom The whole house and its Netflix sequel Fuller House, which aired from 1988 to 1995.
Back in the days when she was full, she surprised everyone with her beauty and her millions of dollars
Dollar Smile but she has not changed at all!
Photo: The 54-year-old Loughlin looks incredible, especially without makeup.
She is not afraid to go out in public, her hair is raised, she is dressed in ordinary clothes, and her whole body is --
Natural facial expressions.
She always has a big smile on her face, ready to greet fans and sign.
Honestly, who doesn\'t want to look like this at 54?
She\'s a gem! 4.
Heidi Krum Beautiful Heidi Krum looks good no matter what she wears, she has never really changed since her modeling career.
While her beauty looks natural, she shows the gorgeous shift she goes through every week as she has American talent on her Instagram account and sees how much work she has put into it looks so glamorous, this is incredible.
Photo: even though she didn\'t do her hair or make-up, she still looks like a supermodel, right?
She shared her extensive skincare routines with her fans, which she used to keep the skin shiny and young.
I don\'t know what you guys think, but I want to say that she really doesn\'t need makeup with such a perfect skin, does she? 3.
Ashley Graham is not only a gorgeous supermodel, but also a positive body advocate.
She was the first.
The size model makes it bigger and later appears on the covers of fashion magazines such as fashion, Harper\'s Bazaar, glamour and Elle;
Sports Illustrated swimsuit version.
She is also a health supporter of sports of all sizes.
Photo: for the courtesy of the list, she never hides her natural looks.
She often goes out without makeup-and looks amazing at the same time.
She claims, however, that she looks good because she has a wide range of skincare procedures.
She revealed that in addition to frequent visits to meteorologists, laser skin treatments and oxygen facial care, she followed a strict routine. 2.
Miley Cyrus has undergone many changes since the time of Hannah Montana.
When she tries to find her own style and sound, she goes from the rock singer, the dark makeup stage, to cutting off her long hair and coloring her hair to gold, which makes the Internet world upside down.
However, she always looks beautiful no matter what she does.
Photo: due to the current audience, she went back to her roots and grew her hair back, so she wanted a more subtle makeup that made her natural beauty stand out.
In fact, the talented singer and actress don\'t need makeup at all.
Even with a funny face made on this Instagram post, we can see her flawless skin. Beautiful! 1.
Sophia VergaraThe drops ~
Seventeen-year-old Sophia Vigara started modeling in her hometown of Colombia, where her first big job was Pepsi advertising.
After years of working there, she moved to the United States, both an actor and a model.
She plays Gloria in the popular comedy series Modern Family, which makes her a household name.
Photo: apart from being a great actress, the Colombian beauty is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words.
When she suffered 102 of the pain, she uploaded this all-natural selfie to her Instagramdegree fever.
Who looks so good when sick in the world?
Somehow, the fever also made her look 10 years younger.
\"I just realized that 102 of the fever gave you the perfect pink color,\" she wrote below this photo . \".
I hope I look like this when I have a fever!
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