Cannabidiol 'CBD' cosmetics generation process is still very popular

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Cannabidiol & other; CBD” Cosmetics generation process is still very popular. Last year, cosmetics factory has introduced the cannabidiol CBD skincare products processing fire to Europe and the United States, bring about skin care new era ', 2019, cannabidiol more extensively used in the cosmetics industry, in addition to & other; 你好,平静” , a Canadian urban juve, with CBD for the composition of new brand in the United States are on the rise, not to mention the in home, taobao, Tmall, alibaba ubiquitous marijuana to protect skin to taste.

according to the Future Market Insights, in 2019, the global CBD skincare Market scale will reach 6 OEM products. $4. 5 billion by 2027 is expected to average annual growth of 33%.
with clean beauty trend recently, cannabidiol anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant efficacy remains in focus.

the idea of healthy skin care cosmetics factory, advocate manufacturers, skin care cosmetics factory is different: cosmetics factory is a professional to do research and development of the two boss, one is an expert in twenty years' experience plant extraction, before working in the institute. A recipe experts, is a professor at the university of is big company before r&d technical adviser. Two boss in line with the spirit, but also brought together a group of proficient in skin function structure having a common aspiration, Chinese herbal formula is applied, the human body structure with experts, hope to rely on his own ability to make its own contributions to the cosmetics industry.

on products, cosmetics factory is adopting the safe extraction effect of the plant components, use of foreign high-quality raw materials, from the source to ensure good quality! Cosmetics factory will use their 20 years of experience and professional skin care products research and development ability, adherence to the 36 process in each processing step, to customers the best service and best selling brand.

cosmetics factory can do far more than that, hope and more aspiring to create cosmetics brand. Cosmetics factory can give to the products definitely meet expectations.



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