Can face highlighter conceal flaws?

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-04

face highlighter and concealer are two different products, face highlighter can make the facial features more three-dimensional and create a swelling effect. Concealing is to conceal blemishes on the face. So, can highlighters be used to conceal flaws? Let us take a look at it.

Can highlighter conceal flaws?

The highlighter cannot conceal flaws. The highlighter is to modify the shape of the face. In the t zone, highlight the chin and under the eyes, from the bridge of the nose to the wing of the nose, and the area near the hair on the face, as well as the cheek, with light shadow powder. Make makeup look more three-dimensional. Concealer pens are used to cover blemishes, such as acne marks and moles.

How to choose a concealer pen

1. Choose according to skin tone

When choosing a concealer pen, you should choose a concealer pen according to your personal skin tone. Although darker colors are easier to cover light colors, it does not mean that the darker the concealer, the better. If the color of the concealer pen is too different from the individual skin tone Larger, it will make the makeup unnatural and the concealed area will also have a heavy feeling, so when choosing a concealer pen, just choose a concealer pen that is slightly darker than your own skin tone, so that the concealer effect will be better and the makeup feel It will be more natural.

2. Choose according to the effect

The high-quality concealer pen paste is very extensible and easy to push. After applying makeup, the skin tone is even and the concealing effect is also perfect. After application, it can not only make dark circles, fine lines, spots, pores, acne marks and other blemishes disappear immediately, completely No traces of blemishes can be seen, and dullness of the skin can be quickly eliminated to achieve a perfect concealer effect.

3. Choose according to ingredients

Most of the high-quality concealer pens use organic and natural substances to extract ingredients. They have good skin-friendly properties, are mild in nature, and are non-irritating. While concealing, they can not only modify and protect the skin, but also moisturize, Repair damaged skin, restore skin vitality, improve skin tone and block ultraviolet rays, making skin healthier and more beautiful.
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