Can clothing store cosmetics really compete with big beauty brands? Expert unveils the best make-up on the high street - including a £15 M&S face mask and a £10 Zara lipstick

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-04
A beauty expert has released the best beauty products she bought from the street, including 10 lipsticks and less than 5 eye shadows.
Sarah josell revealed the options on ITV to host Holly and Phil this morning, and they were surprised to see how much money you could make.
The beauty director of the Sunday Times suggested rethinking how to shop on the street while thinking about makeup clothing stores.
From Zara to H & M, Urban Outfitters to M & S, Jossel presents the best items in every store.
Best for lipstick: Zara ultimate lipstick 9.
99 Jossel calls it a \"lipstick dream\" and she launches this ultimate lipstick as one of her top picks. At just £9.
99, it is creamy, soft and light.
Lipstick also contains a large amount of moisturizing ingredients, including antioxidant vitamin E, to ensure moisturizing and protection.
It has all kinds of colors and everyone has it, says Jossel.
She also suggested everyone go.
Bought a full lip sleeve for £ 19. 99 (
Including lipstick, lipstick and lip line).
Best for Mask: £ 14 for Mark and nescers formula mask. 99The £14.
99 facemask is one of the more expensive items on the Jossel list --
But the beauty expert revealed that a slightly more expensive price is worth it.
The pink hydrating mask moisturizes the face, while the white deep nourishing mask is a mixture of coconut fruit, cocoa butter, and Jose. muru butter and shea butter can deeply nourish and replenish the skin.
It\'s best to keep it in the fridge.
Jossel recommends using it once a week and placing 15-on the skin-
20 minutes, or overnight before washing off.
The best highlighter: the Topshop highlighter after 12 hours admits a lot of people are afraid of highlighter.
But she believes the perfect solution could be to buy cheap spot shops after work.
At the age of 12, it can be layered until the desired effect is achieved, and to Jossel\'s surprise, it doesn\'t have any terrible flashes or particles, so it won\'t overwhelm your appearance.
Apply to the cheek, lips, or eyes to illuminate the appearance of the day or night.
Topshop: the best choice for eyeliner
The rebel Kajal eyeliner of Topshop for £ and the best inday top-
Up: Topshop Ultra Matte 10 and two more Topshop products appear in the list of Jossel, which is very popular in the field of eyemake Up and skin care. This 3-in-
1 eyeliner is only £ 10 and can be added to your waterline, applied to eye shadow or used to produce a sharp cat eye effect.
At the same time, for those looking for the medium term
Jossel recommends Topshop Ultra Matte to keep the foundation fresh all day.
Jossel called the 10 matte light a cross between the liquid and the powder and said it would be best applied to problem areas such as the nose and around the chin.
If your face looks like cakey all day, use this, she says.
Association of Urban equipment workers-
Best option for Flyaway: 10 for Ohii magic hair stick, best choice for dry shampoo: 10 for Ohii instant texture hair powder on windy days, jossel recommends the use of the Urban I Magic Stick for smooth, flying hair.
It may look like a mascara brush, but it keeps the hair smooth all day for just £ 10.
Jossel also recommended this powder dry shampoo to Urban Outfitters to make hair more comfortable
Ohii\'s instant textured hair powder is £ 8, which brings texture and volume to flat hair.
Eye shadow for individuals: H & M eye shadow 4.
H & M has a wide range of eye shadow at affordable prices and is also on Jossel\'s list.
Jossel called the packaging \"very trendy\" and revealed that these bold eyeshadows look very natural.
From metal to matte, they also happen to have added \"every formula imaginable\" and have an affordable price tag for only £ 4 per shadow. 99.
Primark\'s eyeshadow palette is the best for the eyeshadow palette: Primark Eye Palette £ 4, Primark\'s eyeshadow palette is definitely cheap.
The palette is available in a variety of colors, including the Amber palette, which has a variety of eye shadows, from light white to dark brown and purple.
Jossel recommends layering the eyeshadow to achieve the desired results.
Best for perfumes: All Saints sunset Riot 49 this perfume from All Saints may be more expensive in shopping on the high street recommended by Jossel --
But she said it was one of her favorites.
The fragrance is neutral, with the taste of pink pepper, the scent of pungent flowers and roses.
The slight citrus scent gives a light and powerful fresh edge, while the basic scent of cedar completes the perfume with a warm and simple flavor, balancing the coolness of the orange blossom.
\"Every time I wear it, I get compliments about what it is,\" she told the audience this morning . \".
Best for rich hair: & Other Stories if the hair feels a little flat, or if the excess product is piled up on the scalp, restore the scalp scrub, recovering scalp scrub from other stories may be worth investing in.
Deep Cleansing Scrub for all types of hair.
Jossel recommends massaging it onto the scalp before restoring balance to remove any product build-ups, where it will exfoliate and soothe.
It should be washed clean with warm water, mixed with coconut, jojoba oil and avocado oil to protect and restore damaged hair to provide a smooth, conditioned heightshine finish.
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