Brands choose cosmetics OEM manufacturers need to pay attention to?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Many cosmetics brands, companies have no own factory and production workshop, so the brand cosmetics, companies must find related cosmetics OEM processing plants, many domestic cosmetics OEM manufacturer, let a person dazzling, each said they have advantage of the products, your factory can compete with international brands, in line with international standards, raw material purchase directly with foreign suppliers directly, so what which factory really like what he said? Why are there so many customers are always looking for good cosmetics OEM factory, but again and again to disappointment? Fine chemical co. , LTD. Cosmetics factory to undertake professional cosmetics OEM processing business with many years of industry experience, production workshop through the professional third party certification, here to introduce you to choose cosmetics OEM processing factory need to pay attention to several questions.

a, on-the-spot investigation, the cosmetics industry has many middlemen, the price of the intermediaries tend to be high, quality is difficult to ensure, so want to get high quality cosmetics must visit factory processing production.

2, examine the cosmetics factory whether have laboratory, research and development team, a lot of cosmetics factory without laboratory and r&d team, the factory is generally from other is laboratory step-by-step production factory to buy back some recipes, no innovation ability of formula, so the factory for three years, five years are all production of products of the same formula.

3, inspect formula research and development personnel, team, some cosmetics factory have a laboratory, but there is no research and development personnel, team, they have engineers, but the engineers also only can simple analysis to buy back the formula for production step by step, the real developers should have a new formula of research and development, has the ability to innovation, rather than simply read the existing Fang Chan.

4, laboratory equipment, production equipment, advanced laboratory equipment is a new formula can determine the cosmetics factory research and development of an important factor; Workshop production equipment are the important factors influencing the cosmetics handle, appearance, so choose cosmetics OEM processing factory must see if the factory equipment advanced.

5, the production workshop, cosmetics shop for production workshop requirements although there is no drugs so high, but the state to cosmetics production workshop also to have certain requirements, such as air content of impurity elements, exhaust drainage system should meet the national requirements, such as production workshop don't have to be very big, but be sure to complete facilities.

six, success stories, is a professional cosmetics OEM processing factory must for many brand products processing production, can look at the plant is processed to what famous brand cosmetics, which can judge the credibility of the plant and the quality of products.

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