Both opportunities and challenges, lipstick OEM generation of processing also see today!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-09
Enter the first year of 2015 wechat business

2015 domestic lipstick market still in a state of highlighting, lipstick cosmetics factory OEM generation of processing business development potential. Nowadays, medium brands swimmer products on the market segment, segment of the market, they pay more attention to lipstick marketing highlights. Flowers on product brand publicity, hundred flowers, have the money to pay, no money output play many hands make light work of marketing penetration, fans also have with the aid of network marketing all kinds of blind spots, marketing, the marketing, hot, and so on network promotion way.

O2O business model of the brands to consumers becomes a trend

the processing OEM customers according to cosmetics factory lipstick sales channels of statistics show that specialize in development agency is already out of date, the vast majority of lipstick processing OEM customers in their own channels and advantage of marketing planning, is the brands to consumers online O2O marketing model. Or they have their own fan club, or have their own fixed customer resources, or have their own marketing team & hellip; … Cosmetics factory to help our clients achieve accurate product positioning, product innovation and quality assurance, maximize cosmetics factory their own resources, perfect service system won the trust and support of customers throughout the country.

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