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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-18
Why buy a professional box?
There\'s nothing like opening your suitcase, finding your foundation exploding on your clothes, or leaving your \"cheap\" cosmetic case in the car for 20 minutes, leading to your product.
When buying a cosmetic box, there are more things to consider in addition to maintaining the organization of cosmetics.
My kit is worth at least $20,000, although you may not have put that much money into your personal makeup;
This is still an investment that is not worth endangering during the trip.
To appreciate the benefits of a professional makeup box, you don\'t need to be a professional makeup artist.
When you use a professional cosmetic case, your product is protected by an insulated, sturdy design and a latch that will not be opened.
What style of case is best?
There are so many cases to choose from.
Some open accordion style and some open cabinet style.
Do you want a soft one?
Is it a side box or a hard box?
I always check for a good strong handle, weight distribution and if the latch will remain closed. In-
The liner is also an advantage when you travel or just work on a daily basis.
Finally, insulation is a valuable asset when it is possible to melt.
The boxes of Japan and Shu umora are insulated.
While I won\'t leave my cosmetic case in the car, it was left in a hot makeup trailer over the weekend and it never melted due to the construction of the case.
In the online world, there are many cases ,(
Most are stepping stone
A copy or copy of a better case)
Choosing one is almost overwhelming.
My choice of the best professional cosmetic case is made up of companies with a good reputation for quality control and style selection.
Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a student, or a woman out there, one of these cases is sure to meet your personal needs.
Best in the best: Altelier makeup box
The base of this cosmetic box has enough space to carry skin care products, brushes and pencils.
There are two sets of stacks (
Three on each side)
The tray is removable.
This case is soft and hand-made with solid fiber pulp, perfect for transporting large and full size products.
The handle is made of leather and is perfect for transporting a large amount of cosmetics.
These cases are larger and can carry almost everything necessary for a professional artist or student.
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