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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-26
If you want to use your beauty system to catch the eye, give up chemicals, or just worry about what\'s in your product, organic cosmetics should be on your radar.
Whether it\'s our food or our packaging, we all live in an environment that is getting cleaner and cleaner
Conscious culture.
Therefore, it is not surprising that organic beauty is booming. in the past year alone, more and more women have turned to natural and organic products.
So, what do we mean by \"organic\" makeup?
To put it simply, this means that the product is formulated with a natural organic percentage
Growing ingredients (
Always seek certification from companies such as soil association or nature).
Considering that the cosmetics we use penetrate into our skin, it means that fewer synthetic chemicals, dyes, artificial spices, or parab gold enter our bodies-a blessing that is easy --Aggravated skin
If you want to be greener
Friendly lifestyle, organic cosmetics is a simple planet
Protection switch-up.
In addition to the use of recycled packaging and no animal testing, there are no harsh substances such as oil and aluminum.
Thanks to the growth in sales, organic cosmetics are easier to buy than ever before.
This is our best conclusion.
Looking for a lighter organic foundation than a regular coverup?
INIKA\'s BB cream is smoother than the standard foundation, and the skin is used as a primer while moisturizing, so there is no need to apply a thick product on each other\'s basis.
It also contains the highest percentage of certified organic ingredients in BB cream (80%).
£ 30 | feels unique | buy it now if you\'re looking for a relaxing summer-
This organic skin care product is ideal for summer use.
This velvet cream is a moisturizer that will make your skin tone and sleep brighter.
Deprived of skin color
Sweep the skin and focus on t-
If you have oily or mixed skin, please wear it separately
As a base or base color.
£ 52 | Naturismo | buy it now, perfect for adding to the natural landscape
This tone looks very high for the lips and cheeks
Quality organic ingredients such as Spanish lavender and coconut fruit extract.
Tata Harper is known for \"The beauty of the next generation\" and they are 100% natural, non-natural for themselves
Toxic skin care products and rich lips
No disappointment.
For bolder colors, just layer the product to the color you want. £32| Net-A-
Potter | although Green is completely organic and uses only natural ingredients-which sometimes causes the color to weaken-Buy It Now
Don\'t fade or get dirty after an hour\'s wear. The light-
Reflective pink and pearl tones awaken tired eyes, but can also be used in any part of the body you want to highlight (
Cheeks and eyebrow bones, bridge of nose, shoulders and hips). £17.
50 | green people | buy it now with a focus on raw materials, food grades and organic ingredients, RMS Beauty is a good choice
For their nature. looking, glow-
Give the highlighter
Thanks to coconut oil, poached oil and cocoa seed butter, this creamy highlighter helps restore the natural brightness of the skin and adds luster to the immediately healthy skinlooking glow.
Please note, though: a bit far away.
36 | Space NK | buy it now. When it comes to luxury organic and sustainability, we know what they have.
The brand\'s refillable products are designed to reduce throwing
Distance from the United States, accounting for 30-
40% of landfill waste.
You may not think that lip gloss is refillable, but let\'s blow your mind-it\'s true!
Moisturizing gloss protects lips from dryness and has Resistanceaging formula.
Keep it in your bag, top regularly-
Ups and Shine will wear out soon. £29 | Net-A-
Potter | buy it now. Mineral Lipstick from Odylique is the first lipstick certified by the Soil Association and fair trade standards, if you want an organic but highly eco-friendly
Lipstick with pigment
They are also ideal if your lips are dry because of vegetable oil and butter (
Including Jose and shea butter)
Act as a protective barrier.
£ 18 | Odylique | buy it now, known as the first pharmacy dedicated to all organic products, free of artificial pigments, spices and preservatives from organic pharmacies
The up range of organic Glam offers a wide range of high
Quality of organic productsup.
But what we like most is the color palette, which looks bold in dark brown and shiny gold, and it looks more natural in soft pink and gray brown.
£ 55 | Organic Pharmacy | buy now if you have an oily, combo or flaw --
This organic matte powder is your savior.
The rich formula solves the breakage problem while preventing skin damage, and the powder can be layered for additional coverage.
Certified organic fruit extract means you can rest assured
Except for your make-up bag. £34.
80 | free person | buy this mascara now (
Emma Watson used a lot)
It was the first organic food certified by the Soil Association standards, and it was very cruel.
Free vegetarian and fair trade.
The formula doesn\'t pile up or dry too fast, adding a lot of volume and length with just a few coats.
Conditioning plant extracts such as aloe vera and golden calend flowers can also keep eyelashes healthy. £17.
50 | Odylique | use high-now-
This is the ideal quality raw material for sensitive eyes
The tip of the pen liquid eyeliner is to achieve super
Sharp Cat bullet.
Choose matte black or \"graphics\", a rustic yellow shade with subtle gloss.
This eyeliner is also packed in a bamboo box that perfectly complements your new ecologyfriendly make-up arsenal.
£ 17 | Naturisimo | buy nowka ka certified organic BB cream foundation is ideal for fine coverage in warm weather
Natural ingredients make your skin feel healthy and soft.
The shadow of green people is just an example of them.
Quality, organic range is also very large.
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