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Beginners understand eye shadow formula in seconds

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

'How to draw eye makeup so that it is not dirty and fast?' This is the voice of many eye makeup beginners! I bought a lot of beautiful multi-color eye discs, but I still don’t know how to paint eyeshadow. The following is an introduction to 5 super practical, zero-technique, and never-failed eye shadow blending tutorials for all makeup beginners. Only two colors are required to draw clean, fairy-like and beautiful eye makeup!

Xiandu Ruila-Mercerized Four-color Eyeshadow

Eye shadow formula 1: vertical smudge painting method

The vertical smudge painting method does not pick the shape of the eye, it is easy to use for beginners. Choose two eyeshadows of similar colors, apply the light eyeshadow to a small area on the eyelids, and then use the dark eyeshadow to 'haze up' and you are done.

STEP1: Paint the yellow-brown eyeshadow (light color) on the upper eyelid but not over the eye socket, and the end of the eye should not be filled.

STEP2: Reddish brown eyeshadow (dark) followed by yellowish brown eyeshadow to extend blooming.

STEP3: Take a small amount of red-brown eyeshadow, and brush it from the back to the front along the eye socket, the closer you are to the front, the finer the painting.

TIPS: You can use an eyeliner to deepen the back half of the lower eyelid and pull down the tail of the eye, so that the eyes will be bigger and more drooping, and look innocent and cute!

Eye shadow formula 2: horizontal painting

The horizontal smudge eye shadow drawing method is also one of the simple eye shadow drawing methods suitable for beginners. After using light eyeshadow as a primer, the dark eyeshadow will smudge from the end of the eye to the eye dizziness.

STEP1: Light-colored eyeshadow smudges the eye sockets in a wide range. You can also smudge only the front 2/3 of the eyelid.

STEP2: Use dark eyeshadow 'from the back of the upper eyelid forward' to smudge. Novices should pay special attention to the intersection of dark and light eyeshadows in the middle, so that there will be no awkward borders!

Eyeshadow formula 3: Middle brightening method

For commuters, girls who pursue fast, accurate, and zero-skilled makeup, the bright eyeshadow painting method is undoubtedly a better choice. After the eyeshadow is made, use pearlescent eyeshadows on the eyelids. Lazy people usually choose Single-color eyeshadow with pearlescent eyeshadow honey, the whole process of applying makeup with the speed of fingers.

STEP1: Light-colored eyeshadow smudges the eye sockets in a wide range.

STEP2: Apply pearlescent eyeshadow on the middle of the eyelid, and blur the edges with a blending brush. (If it is an eye shadow honey, it is recommended to quickly pat it on with your fingertips)

Eyeshadow formula 4: Sandwich painting method

The rich layered sandwich eye makeup is a common eye makeup painting method used by many beauty experts. It seems complicated, but in fact, two colors can be easily completed. It should be noted that it is recommended to use a brush to finish the makeup, because it means It is more difficult to draw details on the abdomen, and to accurately blur the boundary, but it is easy to draw dirty eye makeup!

STEP1: Make the eye sockets with A pearlescent earth color.

STEP2: Use B berry color to sweep the end of the eye to form a triangular area, and then sweep a little bit on the inside of the eye.

STEP3: Use A pearlescent color to paint the area of ??lying silkworm.

Eyeshadow Formula 5: Intermediate Smudge Painting Method

This eye makeup is a gradual eye makeup that is smudged from the center to the outside. It is more recommended for advanced class girls to try, and take the following points to avoid smudging.

TIPS1: It is recommended that the eyeshadow two colors be similar, or even use a single color eyeshadow. For example, raspberry red is matched with rose color; coral color is matched with pumpkin color.

TIPS2: Prepare two small smudge brushes to use. Using two brushes to apply two colors separately, it is less easy to apply dirty eye makeup.
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