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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-16
Pimples are more mild than a full-scale acne attack.
However, both cases are caused by pore blockage.
Acne is the inflammation of the skin, and the secretion of sebum gathers in the pores of the skin and blocks the pores.
Why do I grow acne?
When the male hormone in the body of adolescents increases, the oil glands become larger, resulting in more oil.
Acne is a common phenomenon of oily skin because it produces more sebum, which is deposited on the skin.
This is the best time to develop the best skincare procedures to deal with breakthroughs.
In order to avoid acne, you can use cosmetics to cover up acne and restore yourself. esteem.
Sometimes, teenage acne may not disappear as quickly as you think.
Nevertheless, it may be uncomfortable to walk into a room full of pimples.
It will lower itself.
Especially in youth.
For this reason, makeup can be used to cover up pimples that come out of nowhere. 1. Oil-
Free Makeup: If you have acne due to sebum secretion on your skin, then you should choose an oil --
Free makeup to avoid clogging.
Co-culture or non-co-culture
Acnegenic is a cosmetic product that does not clog the skin. Go for mineral-
Cosmetics that absorb oil easily.
Also, please note that water should be one of the makeup ingredients of your choice.
The problem most teenagers do is they don\'t check-
If there is oil or no oil in the cosmetics, it will rise.
They then end up asking themselves why they have juvenile acne. 2.
Use the correct makeup primer: it should have SPF to protect you from sunlight if you have pigmentation.
This is because the sun may slow down the treatment process. 3.
Consider a powdered foundation containing minerals: a foundation containing minerals helps reduce pore blockage.
Minerals avoid juvenile acne well by absorbing the oil secreted by the skin.
In this case, Mattifying products are the best because they absorb the excess oil and the matte surface masks the excitement of the prone pimples on the skin.
Not those foundations that last the whole day can lead to blockages and lead to acne in adolescents. 4.
Make-up conceals that best suit your skin tone: light or dark conceals will eventually show bursting pimples instead of hiding them.
If you can\'t find the color that matches your skin, you can mix the masking agent of both colors. 5.
Styling powder: We are a styling powder that will not gather oil under your skin and will have a disastrous look on your face.
When you decide to use this styling powder, make sure it is light enough and it is unlikely to gather oil under your skin.
When applying make up 1.
Clean and moisturize
Clean and moisturize the skin with warm water.
Then gently wipe the scented moisturizer --free.
Moisturizers should be based on water to enhance the moisturizing process of the skin.
To protect your skin from the sun, you can apply sunscreen.
You can use moisturizing sunscreen to prevent irritation of acne. 2.
Prepare a brush or sponge before use-
Bacteria on hands or brushes can stimulate acne spots and even accelerate their reproduction.
People need to clean before using a sponge or brush.
In order to avoid the occurrence of juvenile acne, please first check the hygiene of the sponge or brush you use to ensure proper skin care routines. 3.
Apply primer-
After using the moisturizer, the skin should be given some time for it to absorb.
Apply the primer to your face using a clean brush or a clean finger.
If you don\'t like to apply a primer to the whole face, then you can just apply it to pimples.
It can help you make up.
After setting the bottom liquid, gently apply the mask cream to the acne area without rubbing.
In order to spread high pigmentation, green masking cream can be selected.
However, after applying the foundation, the green cover cream does not apply.
If you prefer to apply the foundation before covering the conce cream, it applies. 5.
Application Foundation
Once you \'ve set up the cover cream, you can now apply the foundation with a brush.
Add a little bit until you\'re happy with the look.
If you realize that acne spots are still present, then wait a few minutes and the foundation will solidify and apply the Cover Cream.
After the foundation is ready, you can use the remaining cosmetics.
Please note that the best skin care procedure is oil
Free products that can comfortably hide juvenile acne without clogging pores.
Teenage acne can start with blackheads, so the first warning should remind you to start a new skin care regimen.
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