are you getting the most out of your skincare? beauty experts reveal the exact order you should be applying your products - and the very easy rule that helps you remember the process

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-07
The world of skin care and beauty can be daunting when you don\'t know what you\'re dealing.
From moisturizers to facial masks, Toner, cleansers and night creams, it\'s hard to understand what goes in what order.
Fortunately, it is international for any lost soul.
Com beauty editors, in collaboration with some of the top skincare experts, have compiled a guide that reveals the correct order that should be followed when using skincare products.
A study conducted by Statista in 2017 shows that there are 52 in the United StatesS.
Consumers surveyed use skincare products every day.
In addition, 65 women said they only use 37 of men\'s products per day.
According to another survey, 54 in the United StatesS.
Respondents said they use skincare products every day.
But with so many different products, it\'s hard to know where to start in terms of caring for the skin.
Experts agree that the first step for the morning and evening is cleaning.
The color was second, followed by serum.
It is then recommended to apply eye cream and spot treatment if necessary.
Followed by a moisturizer, followed by facial oil and sunscreen, high SPF during the day, vitamin A and facial oil at night.
Cleaning the skin is the first step to remove dirt, makeup or dirt that gather on your skin all day --
And help remove any oil accumulated overnight.
Before using your choice of cleanser, splash your face with water, then apply foam to make your skin feel fresh, free of dirt, and prepare for the next step in daily lifeBut a note;
Makeup removal and cleaning should be considered two separate steps to make sure you really make the most of your cleanser.
Try using oil, for example-Based on facial cleanser
Pre-cleaning like Dermalogica ($45)-
Break down any cosmetics before using the cleaner you choose.
Susan Cox, a partner at higher education skincare, recently told the Daily Mail.
Com, you should wash your face for 30 seconds in the morning and evening to remove \"dirt and impurities\" on your skin \".
In terms of the best time to clean, Dr.
Cox explains that you really should make sure to wash your face every morning and evening as the process removes different dirt each time.
\"In the evening, cleaning the skin removes cosmetics, oil, bacteria, and contamination, while cleaning in the morning removes saliva, pillowcases, and built-in bacteria --
\"Come on,\" she concluded.
All of our favorite skin types, including those with sensitive skin tones, are first aid beauty cleanser ($21)
However, if you want something fresher, try Garnier SkinActive\'s daily clean and refreshing scrub ($7. 99)
Make you feel refreshed in the morning.
When it comes to toner that can protect the dry skin or treat acne, experts recommend investing in [
Products specific to your skin type.
Basically, Toner is a key part of the skin care process that helps you prepare for your next day-to-day life after cleaning.
Dr. Gohara, a dermatologist at Yale University, told Cosmopolitan. com: \'[Toners]
Basically just to get the ingredients to absorb better in the future and start your face.
When it comes to picking the best product for your skin type, anyone with acne --
Prone skin should consider choosing toner containing either BHA or AHA (
(Inclusive) beta oh acid or Alpha oh acid)
In its formula, both of them prevent rupture, dissolve blackheads, and help clear pores.
When it comes to all other skin types, choosing hydrating toner is your best choice.
If you want something refreshing in the morning, try a spray toner such as a traditional store rose water and glycerin spray ($10)
, Which helps replenish the skin while also giving spritz a little morning help.
Reward points if you put it in the fridge. According to the doctor
Gohara, the serum is basically just a lens of extremely concentrated nutrients, hydration and antioxidants, and their purpose is to deliver these ingredients directly to the skin.
This makes them very good at targeting specific skin care issues, whether it\'s lack of hydration --
In this case, you may want to choose a serum containing hyaluronic aciddull skin -
Eat some vitamin C. or acne -
Pick one of the best, or the bbc.
Overall, this concentrated ingredient can make the serum one of the more expensive products in your skincare line
However, it\'s worth finding and investing in at least one product that really solves your skincare problem.
According to New York City
Based on dermatologist Shereene Idriss, it is skillful to remember which order your skincare product should run.
She told Cosmopolitan that when applying skin care products, the rule of thumb is to apply the lightest skin care products first, and finally the heaviest skin care products, because thinner products cannot penetrate thicker products. com.
The consistency of eye cream is often very light, so eye cream should be applied before applying a large amount of moisturizer and cream.
In general, the skin around the eyes should be given extra care and attention as it is often one of the thinnest.
Therefore, think carefully when using your chosen eye cream;
If you\'re using a serum or cream
According to the formula, tap the product gently into the skin with your ring finger, while in the morning, using a product with a metal ball applicator can help illuminate the eye area while providing a pleasant feel of cooling.
Spot treatments are certainly not suitable for everyone, and this step can be skipped if you are lucky enough to work with a fairly clear skin.
However, for those with a few flaws, this step should be after eye cream, but before moisturizers and creams --
This may shock some as it is generally believed that on-site treatment should be the last step of the routine.
However, the consistency of most spot treatments tends to be lighter than any vitamin A, moisturizer or cream, so it needs to be done before any of these steps.
When applying on-site treatment, pay attention to only applying the product to the defective area;
These products can be very dry on the skin for targeted treatment rather than full
In the app.
The next step in the morning and evening skincare procedures?
Moisturizers are especially important in harsh and cold winter, where the skin becomes dry and flaky.
Now, there are a lot of options for Moisturizer, so take the time to pick a product that fits your skin type.
If you\'re in the mood to expand your product line
Well, it\'s worth considering to add a specific evening cream to your daily life;
The consistency of these products tends to be a little heavier, allowing your skin to absorb a lot of moisture while absorbing some moisture. needed zzz\'s.
If you\'re one of these flaws
Easy patients who use spot treatment in the previous step, don\'t miss the moisturizer --
This is a necessary step for everyone, not just for those with dry skin.
Speaking of your daily life at night, the next step after moisturizer is vitamin-
Although most skin care experts believe that this step is really necessary only when you are 25 and older.
Vitamin A, also known as vitamin A, stimulates the production of new skin cells and is therefore a powerful-
Over time, aging tools, as well as help reduce the appearance of dark spots and defective scars.
Vitamin A acid will enter your skin and accelerate cell turnover to make your body fresher, smoother, and less
Over time, wrinkles appear on the skin.
Gohara explained to cosmopollitan. com.
Depending on your skin type, you need to choose a specific vitamin A acid that suits you and your needs;
Vitamin A can cause irritation to sensitive skin and those who use it for the first time.
This stimulation also happens if you use a formula that is too strong.
For fashion.
Dermatologist Whitney Bao recommends starting with peas
Low percentage excess size amountthe-
She explained that you should use this product \"twice a week\" to adapt your skin to it and then slowly increase this frequency over time.
Just make sure you have a morning mate for vitamin A at night: SPF.
Vitamin A acid makes the skin very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so it is essential to apply sunscreen on your face in the morning after applying vitamin A at night.
Step 8 of the evening routine
But the seventh step of the morning
Can be higher from more expensive-
Terminal oil found in cheap pharmacies.
People with more flaws
Prone may be intimidated by the oil applied to the skin, and there are some oils made specifically for the oilier skin that don\'t clog the pores and make your face look greasy.
Chen Ling, a star cosmetic artist, explained to Forbes that \"skin needs oil to maintain a healthy balance \".
Otherwise it gets too dry, she points out, and can lead to cracks, fine lines and wrinkles.
Using facial oil helps keep the skin hydrated while protecting the skin from environmental damage.
\"Sunscreen is the last part of your daily routine in the morning, but certainly not the least.
No matter what time of year, applying SPF on your skin is absolutely necessary to prevent damage caused by harmful UV rays.
To the Daily Mail
Com in April, supergood founder Holly tagard explained that most people don\'t apply SPF as often or as much as they need.
Holly shares that only people actually apply the SPF they should use.
Too few others apply.
The key is to apply as much as you can as you think you need and then apply it again so you know you are enough.
While some people may be hesitant about the idea of applying sunscreen under your makeup, don\'t worry, because there are a lot of recipes under cosmetics that are very effective and do not affect their application at all.
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